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Noni Fruit Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

It may look like a small berry, but this fruit is a powerhouse of health benefits. Historically used as a topical treatment for joint pain and other skin conditions, Noni or Morinda Citrifolia is the latest buzzword in alternative medicine and health supplements. In fact, if you are looking for a super fruit that packs all the benefits of vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids and powerful antioxidants, you need not look any further. From cancer to cardiovascular diseases, the Noni fruit health benefits indicate immune stimulants, age fighting antioxidants, and tumor fighting properties. Noni, known as Indian mulberry, grows in the tropical Pacific Ocean islands, South East Asia and Australia.
Traditionally, medical applications made use of the leaves and roots of the Noni plant. Today, an array of supplements in the form of fruit powder, tablets, pills, drinks, tonic and tea are available in specialty and health stores.

One Noni product that has become incredibly successful is Noni fruit juice as a nutritional supplement.

Noni Juice & Powder Nutrition Advantages

Noni fruit juice benefits include many of the factors that make the fruit popular: antibacterial properties, phyto chemicals that provide cell repair from free radical damage, and anti-cancer properties. However, many of the commercially sold products are mixed with other kinds of fruit juices such as grapefruit juice, orange juice, and so on. Manufacturers may add additional vitamin C and nutrients to Noni fruit juice to enhance taste and flavor. Fresh Noni fruit is hard to find and cannot be stored for long periods. An alternate to this, freshly extracted Noni fruit is dehydrated to form dry Noni fruit or fruit powder. Ease of storage, longer shelf life, and variety of uses make fresh Noni fruit powder benefits more accessible. Noni berry benefits have become even more popular amongst health aficionados since its medicinal properties are endless and it has shown little or no side effects. However, the Noni fruit contains significant amounts of sodium and potassium, which may pose a risk to individuals with existing liver and kidney conditions. Sometimes, the products used in combination with Noni may cause certain side effects. Talk to your doctor before you take any health supplements, which include Noni for your specific health condition.

Nutritional Benefits Of Noni Berry


Move over Acai berry and green tea, Noni berry for metabolism is the latest super fruit that is making waves in the health supplements circuit. Noni berry is also known to enhance your energy needs, aid better digestion, regulate metabolism and help you lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The native people of Polynesia used Noni fruit to combat fatigue while traveling long distances. Today, Noni berry extracts, Noni tea, Noni tonic and various other pills and tablets provide the same health benefits used traditionally. Noni berry for metabolism may also find uses in treating elevated blood glucose levels in diabetes patients. The ample insoluble dietary fiber from the leaves and roots of the plant may help slow down the assimilation of simple sugars. The result is a slower and controlled spike in blood sugar levels after meals. Noni juice and Noni tea taken at regular intervals or after meals may help the digestion process. Moreover, certain chemical compounds found in Noni extracts have led researchers to study the effect of Noni berry on cholesterol. Amino acids in Noni berry reduce the effect of plaque build up in arteries and regulate blood circulation. Noni berry for metabolism and heart health are the latest in the line of health benefits from Noni.


Noni berry first became prominent for its immune boosting, cancer fighting properties. Studies continue to explore benefits of Noni berry for cancer prevention, although Noni may not help specific cancer treatment or cure. In the meanwhile, case studies show that various parts of the plant including its leaves, fruit, bark and roots may contain chemical compounds that reduce the risk of tumors and potential for cancer growth. Early studies reveal anti-cancer properties such as anthraquinone damnacanthal (an anti-inflammatory), selenium, and polysaccharides (immunostimulant). Another chemical compound, proxeronine, helps in the production of xeronine, which helps in the absorption of nutrients. Noni berry extracts also contain medicinal properties, which may help prevent the spread of existing cancer cells. It is important to remember that Noni does not provide a permanent cure for cancer. Studies continue to identify how and why Noni extracts maybe beneficial. In the early stages, Noni may act as a preventive or prevent further cell damage. However, it is best to consult your doctor when dealing with life threatening diseases such as cancer. Noni berry for cancer maybe utilized as an alternate medicine, under the supervision of your doctor or nutritionist.


Noni berry or Morinda Citrifolia comes from a shrub also known as the canary wood.

While some claims that Noni berry supplements are a cure for every disease are far fetched, there are certainly plenty of health benefits for individuals to explore Noni berry supplements after checking with the doctor or nutritionist. The leaves, bark, fruit, and roots of the tree may all be used as extracts for Noni berry supplements. Fresh Noni berries maybe inaccessible and have a shorter shelf life. However, plant extracts or drying and freezing processes enable the production of Noni berry supplements. Health supplements made from the extracts of Noni plant aim to provide all the essential nutrients including dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids. Noni berry supplements may be used by individuals suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular conditions, skin conditions, joint pain and stress relief. Individuals may also consume Noni berry supplements in the form of juice for additional potassium, selenium and other antioxidant properties. Noni berry supplements may relieve inflammation due to arthritis, sinus attack and infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Noni berry supplements may lose their nutritional and medicinal value due to over processing. Some producers may mix other juices with Noni berry juice to mask the odor or flavor. Noni berry extracts are expensive and scrupulous individuals may mix other products to increase quantity. It is important to seek 100 percent pure Noni juice, certified organic by federal rules. Diet experts also state that Noni berry supplements are best taken on an empty stomach although there is no evidence to show better benefits.

Side Effects Of Noni Berry

Although Noni berry side effects are rarely fatal, patients have complained of symptoms such as distaste in the mouth, foul breath, gas, and bloating. Many of these symptoms may be remedied by decreasing the dosage. Noni berry side effects on pregnant or nursing women need to be studied further. Some individuals may suffer from diarrhea as Noni berry has laxative properties. Difficulty in breathing, swallowing and cough are other side effects. Some patients may show an allergic reaction to Noni berry supplements and must seek medical advice immediately. Stop your supplements if they seem to disagree with your regular regimen. Do not take Noni berry supplements alongside other medication as these may result in side effects. Take recommended dosage and lower supplement doses, if the supplements cause you discomfort. Usually, smaller doses may eliminate many of the Noni berry side effects. Noni berry fruit may contain high levels of sugars consistent with other fruits and should be taken cautiously by diabetics. Individuals with liver or kidney conditions may also want to check with their doctor before taking Noni berry supplements, since the fruit contains significant amounts of potassium and sodium.
Submitted on January 16, 2014