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Health Food Products

The wide variety of health food products that have recently been flooding the markets may be surprising for many of us. This is especially so since many of these products make big claims. Manufacturers of these products define them as complete nutrition for the body. These also serve as food supplements which add to the regular healthy diet. The demand for health food products has been growing consistently in recent times, although many of their nutritional properties are not even charted properly.

There are several brands and varieties of health food products. Some of the most popular ones are spirulina, ginseng, tofu, alfalfa, wheatgrass and Manchurian mushrooms. Spirulina is a form of algae that is believed to contain significant nutritional properties. Studies have shown that spirulina is beneficial in preventing diabetes, anemia and heart disease. It also helps to protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Spirulina is believed not to have any side effects and those who are unable to eat balanced meals may avail of the benefits of this health food product. Wheatgrass juice contains beta carotene, amino acids and several vitamins. It improves the mental and emotional state and also promotes good digestion. Alfalfa is ideal for those who are susceptible to infections. It boosts immunity and helps in the absorption of iron. Tofu is low in calories and high in vitamins and protein.

Organic Food Products

Organic food products are those which do not involve the use of chemicals and additives during production. No insecticides, pesticides, preservatives or any other synthetic substances are used to produce these products. The primary benefits of these organic foods are that they are safe to consume and contain a greater amount of nutrients than conventional foods. This is due to the fact that organic foods are grown in soil of higher quality. Organic food products include fruits and vegetables which are usually of a higher quality that non-organic ones. Organic meat is obtained from animals that are fed on natural foods. Organic dairy products are also available and these are safe and healthy to consume. Even organic fish is available from many fish farms. Whole foods products include those foods that have not been refined or processed. These foods are free from preservatives, colorings and additives. Whole foods are as close to natural foods as possible. Whole foods are sometimes referred to as natural food products. Natural foods undergo the least amount of processing available. The term natural food product is also used when describing the raw food diet. This diet consists of whole foods that are not cooked above a specified temperature. Diet food products are popular among those trying to lose weight. These must be selected based on a person’s individual requirements since there are many types of diet foods available such as low-fat diet foods and low-carb ones.

Weight loss is becoming a booming industry today and there are many natural health food products and healthy supplements doing the rounds of markets. As a consumer it becomes difficult to differentiate between these products based on pure merit, rather than elaborate claims. One can simply make things easier by relying on traditional health practices, instead of spending large amounts of money on health formulas or shakes. Performing regular exercise, drinking enough water, getting adequate sleep and eating healthy food is the best way to good health. Some foods that one must incorporate into the daily diet are oats which is high in healthy fiber, grapefruit which aids in metabolism, pumpkin which helps in weight loss, green tea which regulates blood sugar levels and sardines which supply the body with protein.

Submitted on January 16, 2014