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Fitness Exercises

We live in a world today where fitness is regarded very seriously. There are different kinds of fitness exercises which people undertake. Many of these core fitness exercises are available in gyms, sculpting studios, and fitness studios. There are different kinds of training like aerobic exercises, resistance training, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and many more that you can choose from. These can help you elevate your heart rate, allowing you to burn more calories in the same limited period of time.
Here are some of the common physical fitness workouts:

Stretching Exercises

  • Neck Stretches: The neck muscles often get thoroughly fatigued after a long day. Since most of our work is sedentary, there is a lot of work that involves the accumulation of tension in the neck region. Stretching your neck and shoulders can help relieve the tension and stress that often gets accumulated here.
  • Chest Stretches: Like the neck, the chest is another area where tension may build up. Simply stretching the arms and the chest can help keep your neck, shoulders, chest, arms and your upper back strong and healthy.
  • Back Stretches: The spine is the one organ in the body that takes up the most stress. The spine tries to keep you erect against the pull of gravity and therefore has to work extra hard throughout the day. Physical fitness exercises like those prescribed in yoga can help relive the stress and tension from the back, realigning the spin and correcting structural faults.
  • Leg Stretches: Since our legs carry all our weight, it is easy for them to get fatigued. You can perform some basic leg stretches to target the muscles in the leg and allow them to stretch and relax. When the leg muscles are overtly stressed, you can experience painful leg cramps. Stretching helps you avoid that.

Resistance Exercises

  • Arm Curl: These home fitness exercises can be performed in the comfort of your bedroom if you so desire. For this particular exercise, you have to sit on a bench and use a barbell. You can begin with light dumbbells and keep increasing the weights as you get more practice. This strengthens the biceps and the forearms too.
  • Triceps Curl: These functional fitness exercises are performed using a weight in each hand. If you have a single heavy weight, you can use both your hands to hold it. With your free hand, you can steady your arm.
  • Forward Arm Raise: This exercise helps strengthen the shoulders. You can work with free weights and fitness weights at home or in the gym. Some people use only their own body weight for this exercise.
  • Lateral Raise: This is another free weight exercise that helps strengthen the shoulders. This exercise can be performed both sitting and standing.
  • Bench Press: Also known as a chest press, this free weights exercise can be performed while lying on your back. You can use a barbell or dumbells. This exercise helps you strengthen your triceps, biceps and pectorals.
  • Fly: This is an exercise that helps strengthen the chest. This exercise can be performed while lying on the floor or a mat. This is an excellent exercise which can give you a wide range of motion. Therefore, this should be definitely included in your fitness workouts.
  • Walking Lunges: A variation of the simple lunge, this exercise helps you strengthen your muscles, especially the quadriceps, gluteals and hamstrings.
  • Dumbbell Squats: An excellent variation of the regular squats, this exercise helps you make use of dumbbells as well as the squatting position, giving you over all benefits of both.
There are many fitness programs that utilize these exercises to tone up your body and keep you healthy. You can look for such programs online, in DVDs, or consult a professional trainer.
Submitted on January 16, 2014