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Aerobic Fitness

Aerobics can be described as a program or an activity for physical fitness that involves rigorous and continued exercise. This form of fitness was popularized by the late 70’s with the intention of ensuring proper development of the muscles, bones, and cardio-respiratory system and most importantly getting your body into the correct shape. Aerobic exercises for fit body differ according to age and gender. Young adolescents exhibit a high rate of aerobic fitness as compared to adults and middle aged people. Aerobic fitness is said to be effective as it uses the oxygen in the body to create energy and burn calories.
In such exercises the pulse and heartbeat increase and compel the lungs to breathe harder. In such a situation more blood is let out to the muscles and organs in the body making the rate of metabolism to rise. An aerobic workout helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of diseases alike diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems even strokes as it helps in burning up the extra fat in the body, helps your body to be more active by increasing your stamina and ensuring less fatigue. It strengthens muscles and ligaments by toning them in the right way and helps in controlling joint pains. Another benefit of aerobic exercises is that they help you to reduce stress and relax. It can become an enjoyable activity as you continue with it and it will help to boost up your emotional health and help you to feel relaxed and in control.

Types Of Aerobic Exercises

Apart from this aerobic fitness programs are flexible as you can do them at a pace that you are comfortable with and have enough time on your hand if you are exercising at home. If you go to a gym to exercise then you could get even more motivated when you meet like minded people and work towards health goals in a group. Aerobic training for fit body can be made up of different styles of exercises. Simple activities like walking, running, cycling or skipping or rope jumping are also counted among aerobic exercises. Stretches, crunches, pull ups, push ups and step ups are other kinds of exercises that are part of the aerobic workout regimes. These are often termed as low level aerobics as they do not burn huge amounts of energy in those few minutes. But activities or games like rowing, swimming, tennis or basketball can be regarded are high level aerobics as they tend to burn more energy. Other aerobic fitness exercises include water aerobics, dance aerobics, gymnastics or even martial arts. Always remember to select an activity which you find comfortable and would enjoy doing it, it should also match your personality and be age appropriate. Do not go for ones which you think will help you get into shape faster. Along with doing a thorough research on the right kind of exercise it is also advisable to as your local gym instructor for tips. Aerobic fitness programs don’t achieve its goal overnight but instead is a slow and steady process. Make sure you always include a 10 minute warm up before you begin your aerobic exercise as this will help to condition your body for the upcoming exercise and do another 5 minutes of cool down when you have finished so that your body is made to relax and de-stress. Therefore it is wise to plan out a schedule for your aerobic workout so that you will not only be able to exercise in the right way but also be able to enjoy it. As you start out this plan of aerobic fitness training it is best to inform and involve your family in it or their support, it can help the whole family to stay health and active.
Submitted on January 16, 2014