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sudden weight gain

  • Natural Methods Of Weight Reduction
    Diet For Weight Loss And Reducing Weight Naturally I am male 26 years, height 6 ft and weight 116 kgs. I desperately want to reduce my weight. My diet includes non-veg. I smoke 4 cigs per day and consumption of alcohol is rare. Please advice me with a proper[...]

  • How To Tell If You’re Overweight | Ideal Weight For Height Calulator
    How To Tell If You’re Overweight - the only right way to determine whether or not you are overweight is to measure your BMI.[...]

  • Striae Gravidarum: Stretch Marks Home Remedies | Diet | Treatments
    Stretch Marks Home Remedies Stretch marks, medically referred to as striae gravidarum, are discolored lines that are formed on the surface of one’s skin. As the name suggests, these lines are formed when the skin is made to stretch beyond a certain limit, as a result of which the[...]

  • Tips to Burn 2500 Calories a Day in a Healthy Manner
    Burning 2500 CaloriesHow to Burn 2500 Calories a DayWhen the energy expenditure equals the energy intake, then the risk of body weight gain is less. Negative energy balance, in terms of decrease in calorie expenditure, in comparison to the intake results in weight gain. When the deficit in expenditure is[...]

  • Ginger, Yogurt For Gastritis Diet | Green Tea And Milk For Acid Reflux
    Yogurt for gastritis is known to be one of the best and most effective methods of treatment for any type of gastritis. One can also use green herbal tea for acid reflux.[...]

  • Ill Effects of Having Low-Carbohydrate Diet
    Bad CarbsLow carbohydrate diet promotes short term weight loss. And 90% of the people gain weight to almost their original weight, and an added 20% bonus.The body converts all the carbohydrates that we eat into sugar (glucose), which the body uses as fuel. The rate at which carbohydrate-foods[...]

  • Marathon Diet Plan and Calories Required for Women
    Diet For Marathon Runner And Half Marathon Diet How many calories do I need a day if I am a woman Marathon runner and what about if am a man? Your daily calorie requirements for marathon running do not really depend on whether you are a man or a woman[...]

  • Home Remedies For Pleurisy | Pleaurisy Disease Causes And Treatments
    Pleurisy Symptoms And Home Treatments For Pleaurisy Pleurisy is caused by an inflammation of the pleura membrane which lines the inside of the chest and forms an envelope around the lungs. An infection of this membrane causes it to get inflamed, leading to a rubbing of the pleural layers against[...]

  • How To Tell If You Are Overweight | BMI Test | Calculate BMI
    Am I Overweight For My HeightWhen a child progresses from childhood to adolescence, he/she undergoes a lot of physical changes. These physical changes can be attributed to puberty, which causes a spike in the level of sex hormones. During this phase, it is normal for the child to experience[...]

  • Symptoms, Causes and Diet Plan for Hypoglycemia
    Hypoglycemia what to eatHypoglycemia is essentially a medical condition that stems from very low blood sugar. While it is common for a number of people that are not suffering from any sort of metabolic problem to complain of certain symptoms that are likely to suggest low blood sugar, hypoglycemia is[...]

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