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cookie diet recipe

  • Beans & Franks Recipe, Ingredients, Cooking Time & Nutritional Value
    Beans and Franks Recipe, Nutritional ValueBeans and franks is a classic American dish that is extremely simple to prepare and has a relatively sweet flavour on account of the corn bread topping and the baked beans.Ingredients:2 packages of corn bread or even muffin mix1 can of baked beans4[...]

  • Recipe & Preparation Method for Homemade Hot Chocolate
    Hot ChocolateChocolate is one of the most popular food items across the world. For many centuries, chocolate has been associated with a gourmet experience. Chocolate is also closely associated with celebrating any occasion. There is a huge industry dedicated to the production and research of chocolate. Furthermore, recent evidence has[...]

  • Advice on 5 Factor Diet | 5 Factor Diet Foods | 5 Factor Diet Recipes
    5 factor diet is based on the principle that one should consume as many as 5 meals over the course of the day. The 5 factor diet plan is very effective and it depends on how largely dedicated you are to your goals.[...]

  • Breaded Fried Chicken Recipe, Ingredients, Cooking Time & Nutritional Value
    Breaded Fried Chicken Recipe, Nutritional ValueBreaded fried chicken is basically a dish that is made up of chicken pieces that have been battered or floured. This gives them a crisp exterior crust or coating.Ingredients:6 boneless and skinless chicken breast halves which should be cut into half inch stripsOne[...]

  • 5 Speedy Halloween Treats - Healthy Party Recipes
    Halloween is a favorite family celebration in most American homes and the treats are probably the best part of this day! Anyone throwing a Halloween party needs to have a lot of creativity when it comes to planning the menu. The good news is that you do not have to[...]

  • Quick Tips and Healthy Diabetic Snacks Recipes
    Diabetic SnacksIt is very important to take care of your diet when diagnosed with diabetes. A good diet will help keep your blood sugar levels in control. If you eat 2 meals a day and have long gaps in between, then it would lead to a lot of fluctuation in[...]

  • Vegan Blueberry Muffin Recipe | Ingredients | Baking Time
    Vegan Blueberry Muffin Recipe No. of Servings: makes 20 to 25muffins Preparation time: 5 minutes Baking time: 20 to 25 minutes Ingredients To make the batter: 1 cup of rice flour either brown or white Cup of buckwheat flour Cup of tapioca flour 1 Cup light brown sugar to tablespoon[...]

  • Pork Sandwich Recipe, Ingredients, Cooking Time & Nutritional Value
    Pork Sandwich Recipe, Nutritional ValuePork sandwiches make for a delicious snack, but they can also double up as a meal. It is known to be filling as well as nutritious. A pork sandwich is ideal to be consumed in the winter as it is warm and spicy.Ingredients:6 cloves[...]

  • Healthy Protein Shake Recipes for Bodybuilders
    Healthy Shakes For BodybuildersIf you are trying to build your muscle mass, your fitness instructor may have already advised you to increase your intake of protein. This is because protein is one of the main building blocks of your body; it plays an important part in the repair and maintenance[...]

  • Cheese Fondue Recipe, Ingredients and Nutritional Value
    Cheese Fondue Recipe, Nutritional ValueCheese fondue is essentially a Swiss dish that consists of melted ingredients, served in a clay pot. To keep the ingredients warm, the pot is placed over a burner and is then served with complimentary foods such as breads.Ingredients:1/2 pound each of Swiss[...]

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