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diabetic diet

  • Carbohydrate Diet Diabetes | Carbohydrate And Diabetes | Carbs Bad For Diabetics
    Diabetes and carbohydrates in the food consumed are closely linked because eating foods high in carbohydrates raises glucose levels in the blood.[...]

  • Diabetic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cake and Desserts
    Diabetic Chocolate Diabetes is a condition that affects thousands of people across the world. An individual suffering from diabetes will be unable to properly manage his or her blood sugar levels. Chocolates are amongst the most popular desserts in the world. There are many types of diabetic chocolate that can[...]

  • Health Advice on Diabetes
    Diabetes Diet Sheet: Explain advantages of Diabetes Diet Sheet? Maybe I can use it as I am suffering from diabetes.[...]

  • Good Summer Drinks | Best Healthy Soft Drinks For Kids During Summer
    The most popular summer drink is lemonade. Lemon juice, like all citrus fruit based drinks, is very refreshing. This drink will help to provide the child with the sugars, salts, and fluids that he or she requires to prevent dehydration.[...]

  • GM, foods are genetically modified and may have long term risks
    Risk of General Motors (GM) food Diet: 5 risks of GM foods?[...]

  • Stomach Ulcer Information And Foods For Stomach Ulcers
    Diet For Sugar Patients And Peptic Ulcer Treatment My mother in law had ulcers in her stomach and she is a sugar patient too. What type of food she should take? Diabetic patients with stomach or peptic ulcers have a greater risk of mortality than those diabetic patients without stomach[...]

  • Intense Sugar Cravings | Control Food Cravings | Pre Diabetic Treatment
    One of the first signs of the onset of diabetes is this particularly intense craving for sugar. For symptoms such as craving sugar intensely, the most probable cause is the start of type 2 diabetes. A person who may be prone to having diabetes may also be[...]

  • Healthy Cooking Tips for Diabetes Patients
    Diabetic cookingFor a person diagnosed with diabetes, there’s nothing more important than a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise. Diabetic cooking and a proper diet plan can enhance the quality of your life and help you manage your diabetes on a daily basis. Diabetic healthy diet[...]

  • Symptoms and Causes of Sugar Spots (Diabetic Dermopathy)
     Sugar spotsSugar spots or shin spots are medically referred to as diabetic dermopathy. They also known as pigmented pretibial patches. This is a skin condition which usually occurs on the lower region of the legs in individuals with diabetes. The small blood vessels are responsible for supplying blood to[...]

  • Recipes for Diabetes Diet Menu and Cooking Tips
    Diabetic FoodsThere are several health food brands that cater mainly to people who suffer from diabetes, by offering a wide variety of foods that are either sugar-free or contain no added sugar. It is quite common to see ads for sugarless foods as well as desserts, for example, ice[...]

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