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Best Summer Drinks

Summer is almost upon us. The heat and the soaring temperatures and all the sweating can make summer quite difficult.  Summer drinks are the quick fix to feeling cool. Summer drinks are many and varied depending on the culture you are familiar with. The summer drinks can be alcoholic or non alcoholic. Refreshing and cool summer drinks are lifesavers in summer.

While water works well and hydrates the body perfectly, sometimes a little flavoring can go a long way. There are also many flavors and fruits that are only available in the summer as these flavors have many qualities that make it good to consume in the increasing heat. One of the best summer drinks are the easiest ones to make.

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

Summer is also associated with lemon and ginger and anything tart. A perfect summer drink is cold, light, refreshing and tart. A wide range of non alcoholic drinks including spritzers, crushes, slushies, smoothies, iced tea, fruit juices, fruit punch and many others come in this category. One of the most popular non alcoholic drinks today is soda. It is manufactured and consumed in huge quantities. Sodas gain a lot of popularity during the summer months. A favorite with everybody, especially with children, is it quite harmful in huge quantities. These drinks are artificially flavored and contain a lot of sugar. Popular flavors are cola, lemon and orange. These drinks also contain a lot of caffeine. These sodas are known by many different names in many countries. The most popular companies manufacturing sodas are Coke and Pepsi. These companies manufacture an entire range of such sodas.
The recipes for summer drinks, especially the non-alcoholic kinds, are easy to make because even kids enjoy making such summer drinks. Recipes for non alcoholic summer drinks are easy to find. Best non alcoholic summer drinks are usually the homemade kinds. Kids prefer colas but drinking sodas is not a good option for children. Fresh fruit juices and punches made at home are also good summer drinks for kids. It is easy to make fresh and refreshing summer drinks with recipes that you can easily find and put together. Punch can be a much more exciting option for children as it provides for variable recipes and can be made in different colors, especially if made with different fresh fruit juices. Kids can also make punch easily so kids tend to favour punch over plain fruit juice. Simple but zingy non alcoholic summer beverages include even carbonated lemonades and apple juices of even low fat cold coffees. It is simple to make carbonated lemonade for instance. You just add to a glass, some plain soda or sparkly water along with lemonade. Decorated with lemon wedges and some mint leaves, it is a simple drink which has a jazzed up appearance.

There are even many alcoholic drinks that also become popular during the summer. There is always beer which is always a favourite in the summers. There are always the sweet and cold cocktails which are popular and easy to make. Some of the popular cocktails for the summer are margaritas, daiquiris, punch, mint juleps and martinis. Ice-blended cocktails are big favourites during summer. You can make blended cocktails like ones with wine, soda, beer and flavorings. In cultures like India where cuisine differs in every region, there are special summer drinks. Drinks are made from yogurt, from raw mangoes, from certain sour fruits and even traditional fruit juices like watermelon and mango juices and all these juices are especially suited to the summer. Some examples of such drinks are lassi or chaas which are made from buttermilk with various flavorings including fruit; aam panna which is a drink made from raw mango and has cooling abilities. Drinks are also made from herbs and spices which can be sweet and spicy and are very refreshing.

Submitted on January 16, 2014