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Non Alcoholic Drinks

Drinks are a big part of all cultures especially in a social context. Drinking socially includes drinking an alcoholic beverage. But there is also a big culture out there that does not include drinking alcohol. Such drinks are called non-alcoholic drinks.  
Non-alcoholic drinks comprise many drinks.

They include fruit juices, fruit concentrates, sports drinks, punches, spritzers, and mocktails and of course, water. All forms of soda, flavored and natural are also part of non-alcoholic drinks. All hot beverages including tea and coffee are also a part of the non-alcoholic drinks umbrella. Though non-alcoholic drinks do not have alcohol, they can still have ingredients that are harmful to you and your body.

One of the most popular non alcoholic drinks today is soda. It is manufactured and consumed in huge quantities. A favorite with everybody, especially with children, is it quite harmful in huge quantities. These drinks are artificially flavored and contain a lot of sugar. Popular flavors are cola, lemon and orange. These drinks also contain a lot of caffeine. These sodas are known by many different names in many countries. The most popular companies manufacturing sodas are Coke and Pepsi. These companies manufacture an entire range of such sodas.

Another burgeoning market of non-alcoholic drinks are sports drinks. These are drinks that claim to have additional nutritional by way of minerals and nutrients. These drinks are targeted towards sports persons, athletes and exercise fiends. One important point about the health drinks that it contains large amounts of caffeine just like sodas. These drinks also make claims of rehydrating better than water. These claims are somewhat unsubstantiated. These energy and sports drinks also contain loads of sugar and flavoring. Some of the popular brands are Gatorade and Red Bull. Excessive consumption of these drinks has been known to need hospital and medical intervention.

Best non alcoholic drinks are usually the homemade kinds. Kids prefer colas but as is evident, drinking sodas is not a good option for children. Fresh fruit juices and punches made at home are also good non-alcoholic drinks for kids. It is easy to make non alcoholic drinks with recipes that you can easily find and put together. Punch can be a much more exciting option for children as it provides for variable recipes and can be made in different colors, especially if made with different fresh fruit juices. Kids can also make punch easily so kids tend to favour punch over plain fruit juice.

Submitted on January 16, 2014