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Low fat and high fiber diet for loosing weight:

I Need to lose my weight, what should I do?

Weight loss is often a common goal these days for many people due to obesity and excess weight being an epidemic. Losing weight however should be a healthy process involving both diet and exercise. Obesity is often caused due to faulty eating habits, a diet that lacks fiber and is high in fats and a sedentary lifestyle. Try the following tips to make your weight loss a healthy process –

  1. Gradual weight loss should be the key, never go in for fad diets or near starvation diets which restricts your intake of more than one food groups. Make realistic goals to lose weight and never lose more than ½ kg per week (about a pound per week).
  2. Have small meals and never skip your meals. Starving will actually excite your hunger center in the brain to such an extent that you will end up binging in your next meal on any foods at sight. So it is wise to keep your tummy filled with healthy food instead of binging later. When you feel hungry choose healthy options like fruits, salads, fat free crackers, dried pulses, and sprouts instead of junk foods, fried snacks, cakes, chocolates and sweets.
  3. Emphasize more on whole foods like whole cereals, grains and its products, beans and pulses and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods will not only provide fiber in your diet but also many other nutrients.
  4. Avoid consumption of processed foods, refined products, canned foods, junk foods, fried/oily foods, sweets, bakery foods, carbonated beverages, colas and sodas as far as possible because these foods provide empty calories (no other major nutrients) and are the main cause for weight gain. 
  5. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Many a times when you are thirsty you feel you are hungry and thus to that response you eat. Learn to identify your feeling for thirst and hunger and act accordingly. A glass of water when sipped 30 minutes before a meal will also help to restrict the calorie intake.
  6. Exercise regularly along with following a diet low in fat as exercise will help you to lose weight and also make you feel active. If you have any health conditions then consult a specialist before starting an exercise regime. Choose activities that burn more calories like swimming, jogging, cycling or playing games (badminton or table tennis). A simple brisk walk when done at a stretch for 30-45 minutes daily will also help to burn calories and lose weight. Duration and intensity can be increased gradually over a period of time.


Submitted on March 31, 2010