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Low Carbohydrates Energy is Imbalanced

Atkins diet and South beach diet are some of the popular Low Carbohydrate Diets. But in such diets energy is imbalanced, for example fewer calories burned than calories ingested and will not last longer. The low-carbohydrate products made available like bread, cereals and beer are bad because they contain too many calories. The glycemic index that helps us select foods is also not noteworthy.

In this low-carb diet 60% of its calories come from fat.
There are no restrictions on the consumption of fat whether it is saturated, unsaturated or high in cholesterol. The food comprises of meat sources that are high in saturated fats, high-fat milk products and salad dressings with saturated oils and high fats. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, breads (refined or whole wheat), sweets and desserts are however restricted.

Though the low carb diet has been popular for past 10-15 years, there is no scientific evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of the diet. Most recent research has proved that weight loss is due to lesser consumption of calories and not carbohydrates. And in low-carb diet you gain weight because the diet are high in calories, protein and fat, and fat builds up in your arteries, face, abdomen, buttocks and thigh.

In low carb diet there is “rebound weight gain”. Initially energy obtained from protein and fat breakdown is used as fuel. But due to the low-carbohydrate intake of this diet, there is limited availability of carbohydrates that can be burned as fuel. Unfortunately the normal metabolism stores of carbohydrates are the first type of calories that is burned as fuel.

Symptoms of muscle cramps, fatigue, decreased urine output (after initial weight loss) and the brain receives stress signals due to carbohydrate depletion. Then to replace the carbohydrate depletion felt by all the body’s cells, the brain encourages you a carbohydrate binge. Your sweet tooth is satisfied and you are on a rebound weight gain.

This diet is primarily about animal protein. Since plant foods in this diet are at a minimal, you are deprived of important nutrients like antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber, minerals, phytochemicals and vitamins, which protect the body against cancer, heart disease, stroke and other degenerative diseases. High levels of blood fats like cholesterol and lipoproteins cause this.
Submitted on February 24, 2009