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Foods That Block Fats and Burn Calories

When fat is accompanied by high fiber foods in the diet, the fat globules pass the intestinal tract without being absorbed and are later excreted in the waste material from the colon, without getting absorbed or getting stored as fat in the body. Fiber actually removes fat from the body.

Secondly, to digest fiber-foods the intestinal tract has to work harder. Most of the calories that the fiber-foods contain are used for this time-consuming digestion. Some heavy fiber foods can create a deficit of calories by burning up more calories than the fiber foods contain. This forces the body to use stored body fat for the production of energy.

Each gram of fiber consumed can burn approximately 9 calories.

Besides blocking fat and burning calories, fiber foods bind with water and form bulk that gives you a full feeling quite early. So at each meal, you eat less and consume fewer calories. Digestion takes place slowly and therefore it avoids snacks in-between meals.

Fat Burning Foods:

Fats are important and necessary nutrients for our body. They play an important role in the daily functioning of the body. Fats are a known source of energy for the body, but necessary nutrients also impact the body adversely if consumed in excess proportions. Other than regular exercise you need to add some fat burning foods to your diet to maintain your waistline. Foods that are rich in protein and fiber are best foods if you wish to lose weight around your waist. Your body takes more energy to burn protein than it takes to burn fat. So it is better to consume more protein so that you lose more calories. If you want to maintain weight it is essential to consume a meal consisting of fat burning of foods and regular exercise.

Here is a list of fat burning foods:

•   Eggs: Eggs are rich source of protein that help you burn that unwanted belly fat. Eggs contain vitamin B-12 which helps in breaking down fat cells. If your fear you will increase your cholesterol levels, you can consume eggs without the yolk and still enjoy its benefits.
•   Low fat dairy products: Dairy products not only help in strengthening your bones but also help in burning unwanted body fat. You should daily consume low fat milk and low fat yogurt as they are rich sources of calcium and minerals.
•   Oranges: Orange is known to be a rich source of vitamin C and it helps in removing excess fat from the body. You should eat one orange after your lunch so that fat is not be stored in the body.
•   Green tea: Green tea improves the metabolism and burns the stored fat in the body. A cup of green tea a day also helps gives you your daily dose of antioxidants.
•   Oatmeal: Oatmeal is known for its nutritional properties. It is a rich source of fiber which acts as anti-fat. Oats are also known to maintain your blood cholesterol level, thus keeping your heart healthy. Eating oatmeal daily will certainly help burn the unnecessary fat in the body.
•   Apples and bananas: Apples and bananas are fruits rich in carbohydrate, iron, and dietary fiber. These foods are devoid of starch and fat which creates trouble for the body. These are fruits which provide essential minerals and nutrients to the body.
•   Beans: Beans are rich sources of protein, iron and fiber. It is said the fiber in beans prevents your body from absorbing fats. Muscle cells require more energy than fat cells, so consuming beans can help you lose that extra unwanted fat by developing more muscle.

There also exist fat burning food combinations which, if consumed in the right quantities, can help you get rid of extra fat from your body. To reduce fat you need to consume meals with a combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This helps your body to effectively increase your metabolism.

Submitted on January 16, 2014