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Calories Burnt Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports across the world, enjoyed by people of all ages. Not a lot of people think about the calories burned golfing, mainly because it is not usually regarded as a fast-paced activity. However, the calories burned in golf can be quite high, as compared to some of the other common physical activities. This is because golf is an endurance sport, in which you could spend anywhere between three and five hours, walking across the golf course, swinging your club and pulling your golf bag with you.

The number of calories burned while playing golf is usually different for men and women. An average man who weighs around 86 kilos or 190 pounds usually burns around 373 calories after playing golf for an hour.
A woman who weighs around 74 kilos or 163 pounds can burn up to 325 calories by playing golf for an hour. Therefore, in a game of golf that lasts for around 3 hours or so, a man can burn 1000 calories or more and the women can burn, around 900 calories or so.

Calories Burnt Playing Golf, While Carrying Clubs

There are many people who hire a caddy while playing golf, just so that they do not have to carry their heavy golf bags and golf clubs around themselves. In case you are playing golf in order to lose some weight, you could increase the number of calories you burn, by carrying your golf clubs around the course yourself. All other factors remaining the same, men can burn 475 calories an hour by carrying their golf bags with them and women burn around 400 calories in an hour.

If you carry your clubs slung over your shoulder, it causes your body to burn more calories in an hour. An average sized man ends up burning around 500 to 600 calories by walking 9 holes of golf, with clubs slung over his back. In case you do not want to carry your golf bag or clubs over your back, you can choose to pull the bag along, behind you, as you make your way through the golf course. This too will cause you to burn a significant number of calories while playing golf.

Burning Calories Playing Golf With A Cart

One of the main factors that influence the amount of calories burned golfing is the choice between walking around the course and using a golf cart. While playing golf, there is no strenuous activity that you put your body through really. Therefore, most of the calories that you burn during this sport is because of walking around the golf course for hours. Think about the calories burnt by walking 18 holes of golf, where you walk for at least 5 miles or so. In case you cover the same distance using a golf cart, you will walk for no more than one mile for the entire duration of the game. Of course, this could cause you to burn a much lower number of calories.

Calories Burned In Golfing At Driving Range

The number of calories you burn while playing golf is bound to decrease by a great deal, in case you choose to play at a driving range or a miniature range. Men who weigh 190 pounds usually burn no more than 260 calories golfing at a driving range. This count is much lower in women, who usually burn 220 calories or less at a driving range. Many health and fitness experts compare miniature golf to a light aerobic workout routine. The activities that cause you to lose weight include walking through the golf course and swinging the club.

There are many factors that affect the number of calories burnt playing golf, like your age, body weight, physical condition, gender and metabolism. Therefore, two people can burn different amount of calories, in spite of playing the same duration and with the same intensity.

Golfing is usually regarded as a low-intensity sport by most people, as it does not put too much pressure on the muscles, nor does it increase the heartbeat rate significantly, to burn more calories. This is probably why even those who are elderly can easily participate in this sport. Nevertheless, you need to be in good shape if you plan to play golf on a regular basis. This is because hours of walking on the golf course could have an adverse effect on your body, in case you are not absolutely fine and fit. Of course, most people claim to feel much better physically, after taking up golf on a regular basis. Nevertheless, in case you are new to golf or plan to take it up again, after a long break, it is best for you to undergo a detailed physical checkup and get an approval from your doctor.

Submitted on January 16, 2014