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By | November 3, 2009

Body Odor Treatment And Body Odor Diet

Let’s face the facts, nobody likes body odor. It’s not only embarrassing for the people who have it, but can also make things uncomfortable for the others around. Body odor may make you anxious and nervous and it may also make you extremely self conscious. So what can be done to reduce or eliminate body odor?

What causes body odor? Body odor is caused by an accumulation of sweat, providing a rich medium for bacterial culture leading to the problem of body odor. Poor hygiene is the most common reason for body odor.

Body odor may be caused by a variety of other factors like incidences of serious illness, kidney disease, liver disease and fungal infections too.  It may also be caused by the intake of strong medicines. Diabetic patients may smell of acetone on account of the insulin taken by them. People who smoke or consume alcohol excessively may also suffer from the problem of body odor. Body odor may also be caused by cavities, toxins, and zinc deficiency.

Home Treatments For Body Odor

There are many easy home remedies to treat body odor, some of which are listed below:

  • You must maintain personal hygiene. This is really important to combat body odor by controlling bacterial congregation in areas like the underarms.
  • You must use an anti bacterial soap or a deodorant to prevent bacterial accumulation due to sweating.
  • Wear cotton clothes during summer so that the excess sweat is absorbed and there is no consequent problem of body odor.
  • You may use alcohol and vinegar to wipe off your sweat. This also helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause body odor.
  • You may also apply baking soda in the arm pits to avoid bacterial aggregation.
  • If body odor is caused by the intake of medicines, you can stop or restrict the use of these medicines after consulting your doctor or you can ask your doctor for other alternatives.
  • While antiperspirants can help eliminate body odor, they can also lead to allergies because they block your sweat pores and are not the best option.
  • You must consult a doctor in case these remedies do not work for you. You may be facing the problem of body odor for severe reasons like some kind of infections and as such, you must find the cause of the disease for in order to follow the appropriate treatment. You must not be negligent about this problem.