Stomach Ulcer Information And Foods For Stomach Ulcers

By | December 26, 2008

Diet For Sugar Patients And Peptic Ulcer Treatment

My mother in law had ulcers in her stomach and she is a sugar patient too. What type of food she should take?

Diabetic patients with stomach or peptic ulcers have a greater risk of mortality than those diabetic patients without stomach ulcers. According to researchers, when the stomach is unable to defend itself from the bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) ulcers are formed. Furthermore, certain powerful digestive fluids such as acid and pepsin cannot be broken down in the stomach thus contributing to ulcer formation. Certain medications are also likely to meet the stomach more vulnerable to the effects of acid and pepsin. It is possible that the diabetic medications may be a contributing factor to the ulcer development. In addition to antacids the doctor may prescribe certain treatments to reduce the amount of acid secretion, while protecting the stomach lining and destroying the bacteria responsible for the ulcer. Certain antibiotics mainly helpful in destroying the bacteria but these must be taking only under the careful supervision of your medical practitioner.

Foods For Stomach Ulcers

Do check with your doctor if there can be a change in medications that may be lighter on the stomach. Certain dietary tips can help keep the ulcer under control and ease the condition. Stomach ulcers are not only painful but can also get complicated in the case of diabetic patients, as certain medications that may be harmful for stomach ulcers may be necessary to treat diabetes and vice versa. Hence, do not resort to self-medication to ease the painful symptoms of stomach ulcers as it may have a fall back on diabetes.
Do not consume any kind of caffeinated beverages, as they greatly increase the production of gastric acid and cause further damage to the ulcer. Include small portions of lean protein such as the whites of an egg, skimmed milk, or lean cuts of fish and white meat in your diet. Some lifestyles recommendations while eating would include eating slowly and chewing foods well while being relaxed at meal times. It is important to sit up while eating and to avoid consuming any kind of food within three hours before bedtime. It has been studied that bedtime snacks cause the secretion of gastric acid at night, which may bring about unpleasant symptoms and cause restless sleep.

Do not consume any type of sour tasting foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits etc. At the same time also keep away from cocoa based products such as chocolates as these food groups further worsen the condition. Diet and lifestyle go hand-in-hand in controlling stomach ulcers as well as diabetes. Do not maintain long gaps between meals, as it not only worsens ulcers but also create havoc in the production of insulin in the case of diabetic patients.