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Fat Smash Diet

How will the Fat Smash Diet be helpful to someone like me? I wish to follow the Fat Smash Diet but would like to know how it works.
(May 4, 2008)

Advice on Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet would sound like a fad diet or a crash diet program for the uninitiated, however it is one of the most sound diet plans that have been recently created. The Fat Smash Diet has gained attention due to the expert, Dr. Ian K. Smith, who especially formulated the diet plan for celebrities. Although it is part of the new wave diet programs, its approach to dieting is in phases that allow the individual to gradually adapt to the dietary rules. Moreover the results gained from the Fat Smash Diet are extremely sustainable and healthy in the long run.

One of the most significant principles of the Fat Smash Diet is the consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables as much as the individual chooses to eat. This principle is the differentiating factor from other diets, as most other diets border on restricting and limiting the amount of foods to be consumed while on the respective diet.

Since the focus is on fruits and vegetables which are nil in fats, it is highly unlikely that the individual will be able to put on weight or add pounds to her/his frame with the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

It has been claimed that The Fat Smash Diet is not actually a diet but rather an established formula in order to de-tox and nourish the body through phases.
Submitted by C N on May 4, 2008 at 10:35


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