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Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Is it possible to get all my daily fruit and veg portions from juice?
(May 14, 2010)

It is not possible nor is it enough to get all your daily fruit and vegetable portions solely from juice. A glass (150ml) of fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice counts only as one single portion of fruit and vegetables. Fresh juice cannot make up for more than one portion in a day. Health experts believe that the nutritional benefits found in fresh fruits and vegetables is lost during the process of juicing it. This is because the juice that is extracted from the fresh vegetables and fruits loses the essential fiber otherwise found in fresh fruits and vegetables, as the process of juicing leaves the fiber behind in the residue.

Moreover, juicing fruits and vegetables releases a kind of sugar that can actually be harmful for dental health, especially if consumed frequently during the day. The released sugar also spells a bad note for insulin levels and may cause blood sugar levels to rise up in the body, on frequent consumption. The lack of fiber and increased amount of sugar in fresh juices is not recommended in place of whole fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, many of the nutrients in fresh juices stat to deghrade quitre rapidly and therefore their nutritional value can be significantly decreased in as little as 20 minutes.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to have fresh fruit juice in place of carbonated beverages or canned and tinned juices, but then again, it cannot take the place of the five daily fruit and vegetable portions that you must aim for. Nutritionists suggest that fresh vegetable or fruit juice must be had only during mealtimes, while resorting to either water or milk in between meals. A healthy balanced diet must have a variety of a range of fruits and vegetables in it. Health experts are of the opinion that different kinds and types of whole fruits and vegetables contain different kinds of nutrients and adding a range of colors, tastes and textures from different fruits and vegetables can make your diet interesting, gratifying and more balanced.
Here are some tips to get your five portions during the day

  • Try to have a couple of fruit/vegetable portions with every meal and an occasional fruit at snack times, before you know it you will have completed your quota of eating five-a-day.
  • Blend in a smattering of dried fruit to your oatmeal during breakfast.
  • During lunch you could add a bowl of salad to your meal.
  • Eat a banana sandwich during meal times.
  • Add sprouts / pulses / vegetables with your meal.
Submitted by C N on May 14, 2010 at 12:59


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