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Exercise DVD

Does DVD really help to exercise? Is it advisable for me?
(April 24, 2008)

Advice on Exercise DVD

Exercise can be carried out at any age group. It is essential for cutting down the flab; develop the muscles and toning the body properly. Sometimes it is not feasible to go to the gym due to distance or money or time constraints. People may not be finding brisk walking beneficial and hence may need to enhance the degree of exercise.

In such cases, DVDs are available that can be useful in doing exercises. The DVD shows each and every exercise in detail.

The person may find the DVDS interesting as it involves both our auditory and visual nerves. Exercise can be done with our convenience whenever we find time. This method is not expensive as we need to buy the DVDs just once and we can keep on watching the exercise again and again without any restriction. In case of complex exercises, if there is any doubt or if the person is not able to do that exercise properly then he can rewind the DVD and check the exercise wherever he has problem. Hence it is cost effective as we need to buy just once and can keep on using the DVD as and when needed. When the person does exercise at home, he is working out in a familiar and cozy environment. This exercise can be done with the family thus enhancing the bonding of the family. These DVDs can be taken with you when you are traveling .Hence you don't need to skip the exercise if you are not in town.

Thus exercise DVDs is beneficial in terms of cost, time and convenience.
Submitted by A V on April 24, 2008 at 09:43


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