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Raw Diet

We have some questions on raw diet. Will love to hear for you folks?
(April 20, 2008)

Information on Raw Diet

A raw diet includes foods in their raw state and a raw foodist is an individual, who consumes food in its raw and uncooked state. Raw diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole beans, sprouted grains, raw meat, fish and eggs. Unpasteurized dairy products, namely raw cheese, yoghurt and milk also fall in this diet category. Raw diet helps in healing many illnesses and helps in weight loss. It also prevents any kind of infection.

Enzymes in raw foods are supposed to help in digestion, thereby helping in the functioning of the enzymes in the body, in an uninterrupted manner. These enzymes are heat labile and are killed at 110 to 120 degree Fahrenheit. Digestion is affected by the lack of these enzymes, thereby resulting in toxicity. The nutrient values of most of the raw foods are supposed to be more than their cooked counterparts.

Freezing and other processing techniques, reduces enzyme activity. Raw foodism also includes all the foods that are warmed to less than 105 degrees. Grains are soaked over night or germinated for easy consumption.  Only raw foods are included in many popular diets, namely, anopsology, garden diet, fruitarianism, low fat raw veganism, raw veganism, Wai diet and raw vegetarianism diet.
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