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Low Fat Diet

Need advice on low fat diet. Know anything about it?
(April 20, 2008)

Benefits of Low Fat Diet

A low fat diet comprises of foods that are poor in fats. Foods that have a high content of fat are restricted. Certain foods, rich in fats play a vital part of the diet as starters or desserts. Fried foods, French fries, spring rolls and so on are fried starters, whereas desserts, such as pastries, soufflés and so on comprise of fat. Hence these foods are completely avoided.

Saturated fats raise the cholesterol levels more than the unsaturated fats. Hydrogenated fats, butter, margarine and clarified butter are saturated fats. Red meat is avoided.

Skimmed milk and related products are consumed. Bakery products, such as puffs are layered with fat and are completely abstained from. These foods contribute to more calories, rather than essential nutrients. Mono and poly unsaturated fats are recommended. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish prove beneficial. Low fat vegetable sauces are more preferred than milk related ones. Limited use of visible fats in cooking helps. Fat free dressings on salads are effective. Use lime juice, vinegar and olive oil, instead of margarine. Herbs and spices are equally helpful. Fats and oils are used in a negligible manner. Read the label for better choice of foods.
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