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Risk of General Motors (GM) food Diet

5 risks of GM foods?
(July 30, 2011)

Is gm diet good for diabetics?

The answer is no. Obese people who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart problems are advised not to go on a GM diet. A diabetic patient requires a well-balanced diet and adequate nutrition, and he/she may not get the required nutrition by following a GM diet.  

Instead of the GM diet for diabetes, you could follow these simple diabetic diet tips for weight loss:

  • Drink at least 6 to 7 glasses of water daily.
  • Exercise for half an hour, five days per week.
  • Increase your fiber intake by including foods such as oat bran and oatmeal, ground flax seeds, and cooked and raw vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoid empty calories that are found in refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and sugar.
  • Eat low glycemic index foods such as apples and berries, and give up on candies and sweets.
  • Chew your food carefully and slowly while eating.
  • Another great diabetes and weight loss secret is to fill up on the diet foods that help you lose weight. Raw vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, lettuce, bell peppers use as many calories for digestion as the number of calories they add to your body.

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What to eat after gm diet?

It is very important to be careful about what one eats after the GM diet. It does not make sense to binge once the diet is over and expect the effect of the diet to continue. After the diet, it is important to start better exercising and eating habits. There is no fixed plan as to what you should eat after the GM diet. Here are some tips on what and how you should be eating after your GM diet.
  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks and drink plenty of water instead.
  • Eat a smaller lunch than you normally would. If you plan having a sandwich for lunch, use very little butter, margarine or full-fat mayonnaise to prepare it.
  • Consume smaller portions of your favorite meal.
  • Avoid going in for a second helping at lunch or dinner.
  • Stop adding sugar to your coffee and tea.
  • Cut down your intake of unhealthy treats such as sugary biscuits, confectionery and crisps.
  • Cut down your alcohol intake.      
Try and increase your activity levels. If you increase the amount you exercise and maintain a proper diet and calorie intake plan, you will most certainly be able to maintain you body weight after the GM diet.
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Is salt allowed in gm diet?

Does the GM diet and salt go together?  Yes, you can have salt in your GM diet. You can pep up the vegetables and soup by adding some salt to them. However, make sure that you keep an eye on the total intake of salt. This is because you can have unlimited quantities of soup, and you can inadvertently end up consuming an increased quantity of salt.

Here is what you can do:
  • Make use of standard sea salt as well as black salt.
  • Make sure you drink the recommended quantities of water so as to flush the excessive quantities of salt from your system.
What the GM diet does is that it prepares your body to work better by clearing up the digestive system and the other systems to some extent. This diet plan is not likely to produce weight loss that will last for a long time. Your nutrition intake is severely restricted, and this diet may not give your body all the nutrients it needs to function. One disadvantage of this plan is that it does not include any exercise. If you are looking at weight loss, it is important that you have an exercise routine that you follow on a long-term basis.
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Does gm diet reduce belly?

Does the GM diet work for stomach fat loss?  Well, you lose about 4 to 5 kilos per week. However, what you need to understand is that this weight loss is overall, and your belly is just one of the areas from where you will lose weight. If you are doing the GM diet for belly fat loss, it may not work, but if you are looking for an overall weight loss, the chances of the diet plan working for you are much higher. This diet is quite natural, healthy and safe.  

There are some people who believe that if you are following the GM diet and fat loss is what you are looking, then you are going to be disappointed. While a person following this diet may lose a couple of pounds during the week, this weight loss is mainly loss of water weight. Chances of you gaining this weight back once you stop following the diet are quite high.

Along with the GM diet for belly fat loss, make sure you have an exercise regime that will help you target weight loss in particular areas. Remember, a diet change alone will not make any difference to the fat stored in your abdomen. Exercises such as press ups, crunches, and sit-ups can do wonders for your abdomen.

Submitted by N on July 12, 2011 at 01:25


GM, refers to food that has been genetically modified. This term is used to refer to plants which have been created for either humans or else animals to consume. What is interesting is that these food items have been created using molecular biology techniques. That is, the plants are modified. They have been changed in the laboratories. The purpose of this is to ensure that certain traits of the plants are enhanced. Usually desired traits were enhanced through the process of breeding. Not only was this a slow process, it was often in danger of producing results that were not very accurate. When genetic engineering is used to enhance the traits of the plants, these changes are accomplished very quickly. What is more, there is less danger of not achieving the desired result.

The reactions to genetically modified foods have been varied. While some people welcome food items that have been modified to suit a particular need of humans, other people are worried about the long term effects of these modifications. People who are against genetically modified food believe that long term effects and potential hazards are being neglected in the race to create genetically modified food. Most people worry that genetically modified could pose a risk to the health of people, the environment and the economic situation of a nation.
When scientists attempt to change some aspects of nature, they are unable o produce a highly specific change. As a result of this animals and smaller creatures are in a state of confusion. For example, the monarch caterpillars eat milkweed plants. But people fear that if the pollen from a modified corn plant is blown on the milkweed plants, the caterpillars will consume the pollen and die. People are also afraid that pesticides will become less effective. Already it has been proved that some types of mosquitoes have developed a resistance. People are also worried about the effect of genetically modified food on the humans who consume them. Various studies have pointed out that people who fed on genetically modified food exhibit changes in their body structures. It is also believed that food that has been genetically modified can cause a variety of side effects in people. Most people who are against genetically modified food items also believe that using these kinds of plants and seeds will make all food very expensive. This will make it difficult for poor people and people from developing nations ever being able to avoid them. This, people believe, will merely increase the chasm between the rich and the poor.

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