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Long Term Weight Loss Diet Programs

How do I lose 45 pounds and I am 130 pounds now and is 11 years old?
(July 25, 2008)

From your question I understand that you are 11 years old. And that you weigh 130 pounds. You would like to lose 45pounds. Anyone can lose weight with regular and proper exercise and a regulated intake of food. However, you should be prepared for a long term weight loss programme since it is impossible to expect to lose weight instantly.

To lose 45 pounds you will need to completely change your lifestyle and change the way you live and eat.

The first thing that you will need to do is to embrace a more active lifestyle. Walk whenever you can and run wherever it is possible. In addition to this you should identify some sport that you like and ensure that you play it regularly. You can also go to the gym regularly but it is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional when it comes to starting an exercise regime. It is also essential that you get adequate sleep. This will keep you feeling fresh and healthy. The regular exercise will also ensure that you have regular bowel movements.

In addition to regular exercise it is essential that you examine your eating habits and learn to pare down your diet to a minimum. It is also essential that you learn to eat healthy food. You should eat at regular intervals and ensure that you keep to the time of your meals every day. Long gaps between meals are not advisable and you should learn to snack on low fat items like fruitt

Breakfast can be something light, like fruit and cereal or dry toast and a cup of skimmed milkk Avoid using white sugar and wherever possible substitute it with honeyy Aerated beverages should be avoidedd Fruit juices are healthy but you should ensure that they do not contain added sugarr

Food items that contain white flour should be avoided tooo You can substitute white flour with the healthier option of whole wheat flourr Your lunch and your dinner should consist of boiled vegetabless Salads can make up a large percentage of your meals, as long as they are not doused with rich salad dressingss Stop using bread made of white flour and instead opt for healthier options that use wheat flourr Soups made of vegetables and other such dishes can be consumedd Avoid food that is oily and highly spicedd Drinking plenty of water can help you tooo Diluted fruit juices and diluted buttermilk can be drunk with your mealss

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