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Hair loss remedies

Previously I was in Indore since last 12 years and now I relocated at Jamshedpur from 1st December 2007. I am facing the severe hair loss problem since last one month. Please guide me to stop hair loss.
(April 10, 2008)

Hair loss remedie 

Hair loss can occur due to various factors like illness, insufficient foods, changing weather and climate or certain medications. Loss can cause lower self esteem and anxiety in individuals. In normal conditions there may be certain loss of hair. However if the loss is too much then it needs to be considered. Just as our body needs diet to carry out functions in same way our hair needs nutrients for better health of the hair.

A balanced diet is essential containing all nutrients in proper amounts.

Consume ample amount of water to maintain the balance in the body.

Certain treatments that can avoid hair loss are:

  • Vigorous massage of the scalp with cold water daily can improve the circulation. Massaging should be done till the heat tingles in the head for better results.
  • Make a paste of shana seeds with few drops of oil like sesame oil or coconut oil or castor oil. Apply this paste on the scalp for few minutes.
  • Massage the scalp with coconut milk or aloe Vera gel and leave it for one hour. Wash the hair with warm water. Repeat this 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Leaves of margosa tree or decoction of Margosa leaves can be applied on the hair. This can strengthen the hair and can also kill lices or infesting insects.
  • Make a mixture of honey and kanta karika juice and massage it on the scalp for few minutes.
  • Take half a liter of lettuce and spinach juice regularly for better results.
Submitted by A M on April 10, 2008 at 04:56


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