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Information on 1200 calorie diet

Thanks for the answer. could you pls. send 1200 calorie chart . so that i can follow that chart. thanking you
(August 8, 2011)

A sample 1200 calorie diet plan for people who are overweight or obese can be planned out as under:
  • For breakfast you can have a banana, a cup of bran cereal and a cup of skimmed or low fat milk.
  • Lunch can consist of 2 cups of raw vegetables like celery, red peppers and carrots. Along with this you can also eat a tuna sandwich made from whole grain bread with some low fat mayonnaise and a small apple.
  • A good afternoon snack could be sparkling water with lemon and nectarine.
  • For dinner you can eat ¾ cup of steamed green beans, grilled chicken breast, salad made from lettuce, cherry tomatoes and carrots with 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. In addition to this you can eat a fresh peach as well.
  • A small pear can also be had as an evening snack.

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How to maintain a 1200 calorie diet?

Following a diet plan is the most common way to lose weight nowadays. When attempting to pursue a dietary plan, it is extremely important that you speak with and get advice from a dietician who has studied the science of how your body acts upon food that has been consumed during a meal. Knowing what to eat is as important as knowing how much of that particular food you should consume.

A 1200 calorie diet will allow you to consume foods that are close to the 1200 calorie range, consumed in a whole meal. This restricts the amount of food being consumed during a meal, allowing the body to burn up stored fat that has manifested in weight gain. Trying to stay on a 1200 calorie diet can be rather testing at first, but eventually your body gets used to the amount you consume per meal. A great deal of moral support and understanding from friends and gamily will go a long way in helping you stick to 1200 calorie diet plans that are showing good results. In order to maintain a 1200 calorie diet on a daily basis, it needs to be started off initially by gradually lowering the amount of calories that you have been consuming per day.
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Is 1200 calorie diet safe?

Watching your calories when you consume a meal is a very effective method of staying healthy. Various studies and researches conducted have shown that a 1200 calorie heart healthy diet is one that is best recommended to keep all cardiac ailments and complaints at bay. However, it is not always good for the body and depending upon the requirements of your body, based on what a dietician recommends, a safe 1200 calorie diet plan can be worked out subsequently. Eating a healthy diet that consists mainly of fruit is the best way to keep weight gain under control, while simultaneously providing the body with all the nutrition required to cope with the physical requirements of daily living.

Knowing what the possibilities of a 1200 calorie diet effects are, is extremely essential to your health – probably as important as knowing the composition of your 1200 calorie diet. When deciding to go on a diet, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a dietician who has studied the science of how a diet works in the best way to assist your body into getting back into shape. There are certain requirements of the body that need to be kept in mind before attempting to go on a diet.
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What is a good healthy 1200 calorie meal plan?

When going on a diet, it is often recommended that you keep a count of the number of calories that you are consuming per day. Dieticians will further advise you to avoid high calorie foods, depending upon the frequency of consumption and the effects that it will have on your weight loss program. A 1200 calorie meal plan for women is one that would primarily be composed of a variety of fruits, which not only provide the body with the required nutrition for the production of energy, but also play a very important role in breaking down fats in the body.

Similarly, 1200 calorie meal ideas for vegetarian people consist of fresh vegetables that have the ability to produce energy through their carbohydrate content, while ensuring that the system functions smoothly because of the fibrous content of the diet itself. There are various combinations of foods that can be provided to ensure 1200 calorie meal plans for weight loss, but it is not always that you get an accurate calorific content measurement for all the foods that you consume. Ensuring that you are consuming a well balanced diet, along with a little daily exercise to stay fit is the best way to ensure that your weight is under control.

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Can you lose weight on a 1200 calorie diet?

The 1200 calorie diet for weight loss advocates controlled intake of calories. This eating plan is based on the advice that many doctors give regarding the recommended daily intake of calories. It is suitable for those individuals who wish to shed excess weight without the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

The 1200 calorie menus for weight loss are quite varied and there are many foods to choose from. This is one of the reasons why this diet has gained popularity among many people through the years. In addition to regulation of caloric intake, this diet also advises dieters to perform some amount of exercise for better results. The 1200 calorie diet for weight watchers is known to have been successful, but it must be kept in mind that any low calorie diet alters the functioning of the body and this disrupts the natural process. Therefore such diets can affect the natural metabolism of the body. In this diet, the body first receives energy from the controlled intake of calories. But once the deficiency is identified, metabolism will reduce automatically in order to preserve energy. Like any diet, this diet too has its pros and cons and one should fully understand its recommendations before undertaking it.
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1200 Calorie Diet Advice 

A 1200 kcal diet is recommended for over weight individuals. You have failed to provide information regarding your weight, height and body mass index. It is generally followed by a regular diet and is repeated again. This is done especially to compensate for any kind of nutritional deficiencies. See how you can burn 1200 calories a day. Your breakfast might include:

  • 2 slices of whole meal bread with a salad
  • two slices of whole wheat bread with a glass of skimmed milk-
  • Omelettes from 2 eggs, devoid of the yolk with a bowl of 100 gm os salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onion and chives. A bowl of cucumber and tomato salad with three teaspoons of oat in 100 ml of milk.
  • 40gm of cottage cheese with a slice of bread
  • A bowl of fruit salad with low fat yogurt.


  • Three spoons of cereals, 150 gm of vegetable and equal amount of salad, with a clear vegetable soup.
  • 30 gm of cereal with vegetables and apple salad.
  • Baked vegetables, two spoons of pasta with skimmed milk
  • 100 gm of skinned and baked chicken with vegetable salad and a bowl of clear soup.

The afternoon tea is accompanied by a glass of orange juice, 100 gms of mashed fruits or vegetable, 2 small baked potatoes2 slices of whole meal bread and pickled cucumber and olive salad.

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