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Can we have mango during jaundice?

(October 10, 2011)

Yes, you can have mango during jaundice. This is because the green mango contains acids that increase bile secretion. Regularly eating green mangoes to which some pepper and honey has been added helps treat jaundice. Consuming a juicy mango during jaundice is also a good idea. A diet for jaundice patient should contain plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables juices.

In the first few days, drink plenty of coconut water, sugarcane juice, and boiled water. You can also include orange, pomegranate, lemon, beetroot, sweet lime, carrot, and apple juices in your diet. All fats such as butter, clarified butter, oils and creams must be avoided for two weeks or so. Add radishes with leaves and dandelion leaves to your salads. Pears and raw apples are extremely good for jaundice. Barley water is also a good remedy for jaundice.

As the severity of the jaundice decreases, include foods that are easily digestible such as porridge, rice, cereal gruels, and rice with yogurt. Continue following a bland diet and stay away from spicy and oily foods. Enrich your diet with proteins from eggs (properly cooked), pulses, beans, sprouts and low fat dairy products. Planning your diet properly is extremely important during jaundice, as it can hasten your recovery.

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