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How Many Calories In Quinoa?

(February 22, 2011)

Introduction:  Quinoa belongs to the spinach family and not the grains as most people believe. It is rich in proteins as it contains 9 amino acids and just half a cup of quinoa can give you 11 grams of proteins. This is a food which is high in protein content and has a very limited quantity of calories making it popular with weight watchers.

Calories in quinoa:
The calories in quinoa when it is uncooked are 200 calories for 50 grams of it or 637 calories to a cup of it. However, it expands when cooked and there are only 254 to a cup while the protein content is 9 grams.

If the benefits of eating quinoa are taken into account it is a healthy food as it is rich in manganese, magnesium and potassium. Most people suffer from magnesium deficiency and this mineral is essential for regulating calcium absorption as well as aids in muscle contraction. Vegans as well as others who want to have a healthy diet benefit by eating this health food.

Calories in quinoa cooked:
Calories in quinoa
cooked show that once it swells you do not need to consume too much of it and this means that the calorie consumption will be quite low. As this is a food which fills you up you can eat a little and feel satisfied. You can replace the carbohydrate content in a meal with quinoa, like pearl barley, oats, pasta or rice as this is a healthier food. This can be included in any meal during the day and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its versatility makes it easy to cook and you can be innovative and make a variety of dishes with it.

How many calories in quinoa:
If you are wondering how many calories in quinoa then it depends on the way it is cooked and the amount which is consumed, however a cup of cooked quinoa without any oil would be around 254 calories. Those who are watching their weight can cut down on the quantity and include it in dishes like salads which have little or no fat. Quinoa is a safe and complete food for those who are dieting as it gives one all the nutrients which are required so that there will be no deficiencies while you are eating less.

How many calories in quinoa cooked?
How many calories in quinoa cooked would be according to the recipe and the quantity consumed. As it covers all other nutritional requirements you do not have to worry about the calories alone as you will be able to burn them off with the high protein content and the balanced nutrition in it. Like all other low calorie foods one should limit the quantity and not over eat even a low calorie food. Quinoa can be cooked and put away in the fridge and eaten whenever required. For those who are sensitive to gluten this is a good alternative.

Most people prefer to order it online incase it is not available in the grocery you normally frequent. This is really a very convenient way of shopping and the cost is also rather affordable.

Calories in quinoa dry
Calories in quinoa dry are 160 to a quarter cup of it. This is a flat oval shaped grain and comes in various colors like black, brown, red and yellow. When quinoa is cooked it expands to at least four times its original size and has a creamy soft texture with the tail part remaining crunchy.  Quinoa should be rinsed in a strainer so that the water runs out and leaves it without any of the powdery residue. This could now be roasted or boiled according to what you want to make with it. Quinoa can be cooked like rice by boiling it with double the quantity of water in a rice cooker or like oatmeal for a breakfast cereal to which berries, nuts and honey can be added.

Pancakes, cookies, bagels, muffins and bread can be made from quinoa or even pilafs, stews and soups. It should be stored in an air tight container in a cool dry place. If refrigerated it lasts longer. The leaves of the quinoa plant taste a lot like spinach and are edible.

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