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General Motors Diet Plan For Vegetarian

April 6, 2011

The General Motors diet plan, also commonly referred to as the GM diet plan, is a special eating plan that was crafted especially for those employees (and their families), who would like to stay fit, by losing their extra weight. Since there are a high number of people following vegetarianism, there is a separate general motors diet plan for vegetarians, which has been designed for those people who do not eat any form of meat, eggs or seafood. The GM diet plan for vegetarian people aims at a weight loss of around 10 pounds to 17 pounds in a week. Apart from weight loss, the general motors diet vegetarian variant also claims to bring about an improvement, in an individuals attitude and emotions mainly because it has a cleansing effect on the body.

Given below is the day by day food chart that needs to be followed, in case you decide to try the seven-day gm diet plan for vegetarian people:

• Day 1: You need to start off by consuming only fruits on the first day of the diet.

You can eat any fruit you like, except bananas. Watermelons and cantaloupes are the best for weight loss. The good thing, is that there is no restriction on the quantity of fruits you can eat, to satisfy your hunger.

• Day 2: On the second day of the diet, you need to introduce vegetables that are high in fiber. While you can eat any quantity of vegetables, it is best to ensure that they are cooked in minimal oil, salt and spices. In fact raw vegetables are the best and therefore people are advised to eat salad.

Potatoes should be avoided during the later part day, but it is best to eat some baked potato, with a small pat of butter for breakfast.
• Day 3: A combination of the first two days should be followed on day 3 of the diet, which means that you can eat fruits and vegetables both. However, potatoes and bananas should be avoided completely.

• Day 4: You need to eat 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk, on the fourth day of the diet. This is recommended, so that your body receives the required supply of potassium and sodium, to replace whatever was lost in three days. Apart from the milk and bananas, you can also have GM vegetarian soup on the fourth day. 
• Day 5: A little bit of cottage cheese, with six tomatoes need to be consumed on the fifth day. Hence, you may want to make tomato sandwiches. Alternately, you could cook a cup of brown rice, with 6 tomatoes. You need to increase your consumption of water on this day, to flush out the excess uric acid.
• Day 6: Eat a combination of vegetables and rice (1 cup) on this day. Any amount of vegetables can be eaten.
• Day 7: On the last day of your diet, you can have some fresh fruit juice (no sugar), a cup of rice and some vegetables.

One of the disadvantages of the gm diet plan for vegetarians is that a person can regain some of the weight lost, after resuming a normal diet. However, the designers of the GM diet plan for vegetarian people claim that this plan is safe and can be followed again, after taking a break from it, for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, it is essential for people to consult a health care provider before following this or any other diet plan.

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