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Hair And Skin Tips

Submitted by Nick on February 3, 2011

Hair And Skin Tips

There are several people across the world, especially women, who suffer from different types of hair and skin problems, mainly in the scalp area. When a person has a scalp condition, the skin in the area tends to get dry, which in turn could cause the hair to fall excessively. Hence, there are many hair and skin conditions that go hand in hand. Some of the most common hair and skin disorders seen in adults, as well as children and infants include cradle cap, lichen planus, dandruff, head lice, ringworm, seborrhea, eczema and psoriasis. At times, a person could also get sores, blisters, bumps or a rash on the scalp, affecting healthy hair and skin.

There have also been several instances where certain hair and skin products, like oils, shampoos, conditioners, etc., contain harsh chemicals, which cause scalp problems and further lead to hair fall.

Therefore, it is best for people to use natural hair and skin supplements, to avoid any such occurrences. Very often, people follow a poor diet, which deprives the body of the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins for hair and skin. Healthy hair and skin foods are supposed to be high in certain vitamins as well as iron, zinc and protein. The best vitamins for hair and skin health include Vitamins A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Given below are some foods that are high in hair and skin vitamins:

• Vitamin A: Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, broccoli and kale, as well as foods like liver and eggs.
• Vitamin B complex: The important vitamin for hair and skin in this group is B5. B12 vitamin is good for hair growth too.

Hence, foods like fish, milk, poultry, eggs and whole grains should be eaten in high quantities.
• Vitamin C: This vitamin can be found in high quantities, in citrus fruits, such as oranges, kiwis, strawberries, lemons and pineapples. Several vegetables like bell peppers and tomatoes are also excellent for the growth of hair.

• Vitamin E: There are several people who take Vitamin E pills, if they are following expert hair and skin tips. However, foods like leafy greens, whole grains and nuts are quite high in this vitamin and therefore, they should be included in a healthy hair and skin diet.

Following a healthy diet for skin and hair is important for all people, on a long term basis. However, this diet cannot prevent the occurrence of several skin diseases mentioned above. In such cases, it is absolutely essential to consult a doctor and get the problem treated as soon as possible.

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