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Diet And Vitamin Chart

Submitted by Nick on January 31, 2011

Diet And Vitamin Chart

The human body is an extremely complex organism. At any given time there are many different body functions that are taking place, often without the knowledge of the individual. Different organ systems perform their tasks with the help of adequate nutrition that is supplied to the organs by the blood. In order for the blood to carry these nutrients in the first place, one needs to consume the right kind of food to ensure that the nutrients are available in the body. 

Vitamins are a critically important component of nutrition. Often, vitamin deficiencies go unnoticed by individuals and cause health problems for long periods of time.

Different vitamins are required throughout the day. Some vitamins are not stored by the body. It is therefore essential that the diet contains these vitamins every single day.

The quantity of vitamins required in the body is often minimal. However, even such a small quantity may be missed by an individual leading to a deficiency.

In order to prevent vitamin deficiency, it is important to follow a diet and vitamin chart. A diet and vitamin chart is simply that lists all the various vitamins that are needed by the body and the various sources for these vitamins.

Multivitamin tablets are available, but it is usually preferable to consume vitamins from a natural source such as from a fruit or vegetable.  The diet and vitamin chart can be used by the individual to plan each day’s diet and ensure that there is an adequate supply of vitamins to the body. The diet and vitamin chart amounts can also help to ensure that an individual consumes enough of each vitamin without overdoing it. Excess supply of nutrients to the body is also often harmful.

The response of the body to excess vitamins depends entirely on the vitamin in question, but it is always better to ensure that the amount of vitamins being consumed is about the same as they recommended daily requirement.

The recommended daily requirement of the body is a useful thing for individuals who wish to make a diet and vitamin chart with amounts. The requirements of the body have been listed by health authorities around the world. These values are based on studies associated with the health benefits of each type of vitamin. There are usually small variations from country to country when it comes to these recommendations based on various factors including the ethnic background of people. It should be understood that the recommended requirement of the human body varies based on the activities of an individual. People who are physically fit may require different nutrition when compared to the requirements of other people. However, when it comes to vitamins, these recommended requirements can be included in a diet and vitamin chart because the variations are small and generally do not make a difference to the health of the individual. A diet and vitamin chart is therefore a simple way of ensuring that an individual includes all the important vitamins to his or her diet. Many people will also discover deficiencies in their existing diet when they make such a chart as these errors will become obvious and can be easily corrected through improved nutrition. Natural nutrients are preferred because they often supply the body with more than one single vitamin.

A good example of an important vitamin is that of vitamin c. This vitamin is usually found in citrus fruits such as lime and orange. This vitamin is useful as an important anti-oxidant. It also helps with general immunity and is often prescribed to individuals suffering from influenza and the flu. 
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