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Orange Juice And Vitamin C

Submitted by Nick on January 31, 2011

Orange Juice And Vitamin C

Orange is a citrus fruit that is often consumed by humans. This fruit originated in Asia and is now grown all around the world. Oranges can be found in many different varieties along with other similar fruits from the same family as oranges. Oranges are extremely nutritious providing the body with many different nutrients and also some dietary fiber.

Orange juice is one of the most popular flavors of fruit juice around the world.

These days it is easy to purchase orange juice that is made from pure fruit concentrate. It is better to purchase juice that has no added flavor, color or sugar. This makes the juice most authentic.

Packaged orange juice is reconstituted meaning that it is made from the concentrate of the fruit juice. One can also produce one’s own fresh orange juice by using a juicing machine on some fresh oranges. Juicing machines may be automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

This type of juice is the best juice to provide an individual with the nutritional benefits of oranges. Orange juice has vitamin c, one of the important nutrients for the human body.

In the human body, vitamin c plays some important roles.

It is an anti-oxidant. Vitamin c also helps with tissue growth and with tissue repair as well. Vitamin c is best supplied to the body in the form of citrus fruits. Vitamin c also provides the body with improved immune resistance. It is often prescribed to people who are suffering from conditions like influenza. Over a period of time, the sufficient supply of vitamin c will ensure that an individual is healthier than before. Deficiency of vitamin c causes a condition known as scurvy. Vitamin c also helps with the production of collagen, a substance that helps the skin to appear healthy. Collagen also helps to reduce visible signs of aging. Human beings cannot store vitamin c in their bodies and therefore need a regular supply of this vital vitamin through the diet. By including vitamin c in the diet, one can ensure that its benefits are always delivered to the body.

The supply of vitamin c in orange juice makes this type of juice a great source of vitamin c. This is why it is often recommended that people consume a glass of orange juice to help with their health. As mentioned above, it is best to prepare orange juice at home from fresh oranges that can be juiced. Orange juice may be consumed with or without the pulp. A lot of people do not like pulp in their juice. However, the pulp is also good for the body, providing an individual with some dietary fiber. The orange juice vitamin c content is so high that most of an individual’s daily requirement of vitamin c will be taken care of by a normal sized glass of orange juice. Orange juice also contains no cholesterol or fat which makes it a good source of nutrition for individuals who are overweight. Orange juice is also refreshing when served cold and can be used as a beverage to replace other, less healthy beverages like aerated drinks. In fact, an individual who consumes orange juice replacing aerated drinks is likely to benefit greatly from this because of the reduction in harmful sugars and colors. Also, as mentioned earlier, the presence of vitamin c in orange juice will provide great benefits to the individual.

There are many other benefits of orange juice apart from the presence of vitamin c in orange juice. The supply of pectin, a fiber from oranges, helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system. 

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