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How to Balance Your Diet and Erratic Work Hours

Submitted by Serena Mason on July 13, 2010

Many people find it difficult to find a balance between work and health. Long and erratic work hours leave many people too drained to wake up and exercise every morning. Following a healthy and balanced diet also becomes difficult when work occupies the major part of the day. However, it is important to realize that there are many benefits of a balanced diet. Healthy food and regular exercise help to protect the body from many ailments such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. A healthy lifestyle also keeps the body functioning at optimum level.

Here are some simple tips that will help you know how to balance your diet and erratic work hours.

We all know the importance of a balanced diet. But very few people who work long hours are able to incorporate balanced meals into their diet. However simple meals do not require elaborate planning.

Also, today we have microwaves ovens and other handy equipment that makes the process of cooking easier and quicker. Studies have shown that those who cook their own food tend to eat healthier and much less than those who eat out. This is because those who cook are more likely to maintain their dietary regulations.

Home food is a lot healthier due to the freshness of ingredients, unprocessed food products, and better cooking methods. Taking a packed lunch to the office is a wonderful way to get a balanced meal. Once you get used to having a packed homemade lunch, your dependence on outside food will gradually diminish.

You can also snack on healthy foods such as fruits and nuts in between meals. This will help to keep your energy levels elevated and relieve hunger pangs. In case you do consume an oily meal during the day, you can balance this out by consuming fresh juices throughout the rest of the day. You can also drink some light buttermilk instead of eating a heavy a dinner. Your salt intake must also be limited as salt results in accumulation of fat and water retention.

A sure path to good health is to combine healthy eating and exercise. Exercise helps to promote physical and emotional health and well being. It is not necessary to have a rigid or elaborate exercise regimen. Perform any physical activity that you like such walking, swimming, or playing a sport. Small changes such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking for short distance instead of driving also make a difference.
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