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Healthy Diet and Treatment for Jaundice in Kids

Submitted by Stella Morgan on June 24, 2010

Treatment for Jaundice: Jaundice is a condition that causes a patient to develop yellow color in the eyes and, in severe cases, a yellowish color on the skin of the body. It is caused by an infection to the liver and may be of several different types. While suffering from jaundice, a person’s liver is compromised and it is recommended to eat a light and fulfilling diet so that the liver is not overloaded during this period. For children, it is important that the parent monitor the condition carefully and you can feed your child some specific types of food that are likely to help with the condition.

Diet for Jaundice: Any food that is heavy, difficult to digest or likely to create gas is to be avoided. Some pulses and legumes are responsible for such digestive distress and should be avoided at this time.

Hydration is particularly important during jaundice as the body passes toxins out through the urine. Increase the quantity of water being consumed by your child and you may also give him or her some lemon juice which will contain some electrolytes. These will help give your child an energy boost.

Foods like baked potatoes and leafy vegetables are generally easy to digest and should be promoted during this time. All heavy foods that are greasy and oily should be avoided. The liver helps to digest fat through the excretion of bile and when the liver is infected, you should avoid any food that contains excessive amount of fat as this may not be efficiently digested.

Processed and canned foods should also be avoided. All drinks should be of fresh fruit origin if possible. Aerated drinks are usually full of sugar but provide no nutritional benefit and should be avoided.

Some doctors also recommend a juice fast during the period of jaundice infection. Juices are easy to acquire energy and nutrition from and also do not hinder the bowel movements at all. It is essential to consume light meals. You may feed your child regularly through the day rather than at fixed meal times. Make sure that your child consumes a few glasses of juice every day.

It is also important that the diet is followed for a long period after the infection has passed. This is the period that allows the liver to regenerate. During this period, sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals should be sought from a healthy diet that is based on fruits and vegetables.

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