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Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables are good sources of fiber, and contain vast amounts of nutrients and can also satisfy hunger without providing excess calories, whereas fruits can satisfy sweet tooth.

According to discussions you should help yourself with 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Though each person has his own tastes and requirements, in general to meet the requirement of the body use fruit and vegetables for half of each meal. So when you are having a non-vegetarian dinner, fill half your plate with corn or peas. To make them taste better you can even use small amount of salt or butter without worrying. There can be changes in the body’s composition, even short-term weight loss even if you adopt this principle alone.

High fruit and vegetable intake for a lifetime, controls weight besides providing other health benefits.

Fruits for Weight Loss:

Several reasons prompt people to lose weight. Obese people choose to lose weight to get healthy. People with medical problems choose to lose weight to help them fight their condition. After pregnancy, a mother prefers to shed the excess weight that she may have gained. With the ever-increasing options available today, people try varied diet programs, exercise regimes, and possibly even starve themselves in an attempt to lose weight. However, it is imperative for one to realize that weight loss methods are beneficial only if they are balanced and can be sustained over a long period of time.

Fruits for weight loss is one of the healthiest methods of weight reduction and involves an    increase in fruit consumption. Consuming fruits, instead of rich foods, in one’s daily diet is not only effective for weight loss, but also proves extremely healthy in the long run. Fruits for weight loss play a dual role in a person’s weight loss diet. Firstly, they are natural products without preservatives; hence, they are a healthier option than preserved foods. Secondly, fruits are the best suppliers of adequate nutritional amounts required by the human body. Fruits   also help maintain an adequate balance for several health conditions; for instance, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, and easier control over weight. Fruits for weight loss also provide increased energy levels, a reduced risk of developing cancer, and a control over one’s blood pressure. There are several fruits for weight loss that can be introduced in one’s daily diet. These include apples, melon, kiwi, and grape fruit.

Apples are a rich source of fiber content and water. Apples contain pectin, which makes it substantially filling, thus, suppressing hunger for long periods of time and so it is considered to be one of the best fruits for weight loss. Melons are also included in weight loss fruits and vegetables as they have a low calorie and fiber content. This makes them an ideal substitute for low calorie snacks or desserts. Kiwi fruit, like apples, have a high fiber content. The insoluble fiber in the kiwi fruit helps improve digestion, while the soluble fiber helps suppress your appetite. Interestingly, grape fruit has the ability to lower your insulin level. This fruit is beneficial in balancing one’s weight and helps fight diabetes.

Similar to fruits, vegetables are also good for weight loss. Their natural resources provide an ample supply of nutrition and energy during the weight loss process. Some of the best vegetables for weight loss include cucumbers, carrots, squash, all green and leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, sweet bell peppers, onions, green peas, garlic, and yam. These may be the best fruits for weight loss but it is important that they are consumed while they are still fresh as they start to lose their nutritional value once they are sliced and exposed to air.

Vegetables and fruits for weight loss should ideally be eaten raw, steamed, or baked. This prevents them from losing their nutrients. In conclusion, adopting a diet full of fruits and vegetables is the healthiest and quickest way to shed those extra pounds.

Submitted on January 16, 2014