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Addictive Foods to Avoid

Submitted by Elizabeth on May 28, 2010

Junk Food Addictive: There are some foods which people find difficult to avoid. Junk food is one such example. Not just kids and teenagers, even adults are addicted to junk food. Junk food is no more something to grab once in a while, but it has become more like a lifestyle. A lot many teenagers and adults depend totally on junk food for their meals.

Burgers and fries have become a staple food for quite a lot of people. This is one of the reasons why the junk food business is always booming.

Effects of Junk Food: Majority of the people who consume junk food also know about its ill effects on the body and health.

Irrespective of the dissuading long term effects of junk food, people continue to consume it without care. It is no more just favorite type of food, but it has become an addiction.

Junk Food Facts: Apart from being an addiction, it is also dangerous in the long term.

It hardly has any nutritive value and can cause more damage than any good. Some people eat it as it appeals to us psychologically whereas some eat it because they look at it as economical.

Most people find it very difficult to give up the habit of eating junk food once they are addicted to it.

The first and foremost step in getting rid of addictive foods is getting aware about its long term effects and the damage that it does to the body. Most people do not realize that the price they pay for junk food is exorbitant. The price they pay makes up only 10 percent for the food they eat; the rest is the packaging, advertizing and profits. Also the physical damage to the body which is caused by the consumption of these foods cost us more through medication and hospital bills. A lot of people also get emotionally dependent on junk food. Every time they are depressed they eat junk food or when they achieve something they reward themselves with this food.

To avoid junk food and other addictive foods, one should first stop being emotionally dependant on the food. Do not totally cut off eating these foods. It will make it more difficult to give up. Start gradually. Start cooking meals which are healthy, filling and tasty. Don’t make too sudden changes in the diet. It might just have an adverse effect. Replace candies with something sweet and which is also nutritive, such as fruits. Keep some dry fruits and small healthy snacks handy if you have a habit of eating from time to time.

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