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Low Calorie Foods that Prevent Binging

Submitted by Serena Mason on May 28, 2010

Binging is a situation wherein a person tends to eat and drink in excessive amounts and have no control over them and there are a number of reasons as to why it could happen. No matter what the reason, it is not a good habit and can cause a lot of problems and thus, should be avoided. The most important thing you should avoid doing is skipping meals as that will worsen your condition.

Binge Eating Disorder Help: Choose healthy options instead of munching on fries or other fatty food. Eat food that is low in calories as it is high in complex carbohydrates and low in refined carbohydrate and fat.

Drink tons of water especially before you eat a meal as that will curb your appetite to a great extent. Eating fiber or cereal before you start a meal helps wherein you can have cornflakes or oats as that helps you not to overeat. You need to eat a diet that is well balanced and thus, you should eat your meals that are spread throughout the day in 4 to 5 small meals as this also curbs binging.

This way the metabolism in your body is increased and you will not feel the urge to binge as your body is getting a consistent supply of food.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Suggestions: Cut down on your consumption of bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. You need to have a vegetable serving in each of your main meals where spinach, broccoli or cucumbers are great options as they are water-lade vegetables and rich in fiber due to which they fill your stomach very easily and you will not eat more.

Spicy food is good as it increases the rate of metabolism and burns more calories. If at all you are craving to eat chocolate, have some low calorie hot chocolate. You can take a couple of low calorie vegetables, cut them into pieces and make vegetable soup.

Fresh fruits are the preferred option to fruit juices as juices are normally sweetened. Beans, white fish, lentils, tofu, cottage cheese, fat free yogurt and so on are foods that are low in calories and thus, you should make them a part of your diet in some way or the other. Having steamed vegetables is recommended instead of boiling them if you want low calorie food. Also, ensure that you do not use tons of water to cook them. A few low calorie snacks that you can munch on are pretzels, low fat crackers, popcorn without butter and so on.

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