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7 Ways to Maintain Reduced Weight

Submitted by Stella Morgan on May 7, 2010

Maintaining one’s reduced weight can be a little tricky, but it can be a cinch if one makes up one’s mind. What is needed is a combination of willpower, exercise and a well thought out diet plan. The number one thing to keep in mind if one wants to maintain that reduced weight is that drastic weight reduction is not the answer. If you lose those pounds pretty quickly, chances are you’ll regain that lost weight as quickly. This is why those crazy crash diets truly never work.

Even if you get rid of that additional weight, you’re not doing so the right way. You’re starving yourself and not only will that eventually tell on your health, but your weight will bounce back up. The proper thing to do is to consult a BMI calculator and proceed with progressive reduction, only if necessary.

The second way to keep that weight at bay is to consume water. Water is an elixir which is of the utmost importance when it comes to health and weight loss.

The third way would be to toss out all the junk food one finds in the house.

The new diet should reflect careful nutritional planning and a calorie count. Cutting back on calories not only helps one get rid of some kilos but will also help one live longer. Don’t fall prey to dubious diets circulating the internet.

Common sense and nutritional advice from a specialist can go a long way in keeping that healthy weight. Fourth, you have to find an exercise itinerary that works for you. This means that one has to try out a variety instead of the same old exercise routine every day.

The fifth tip is to seek out a variety of ways in which one can actually increase one’s daily physical activities. This could be something as simple as choosing a parking spot some distance from one’s destination such that one is forced to walk to and fro. The sixth way one can benefit from reduced weight is vegetables. While you don’t have to suddenly embrace total vegetarianism, you should get as many of these as you can. Finally, one has to willingly and completely choose a healthier lifestyle at each step of the road. This could mean something as basic as reducing alcoholic beverages. Remember that the choice is yours and it is finally up to you to steadfastly refuse to succumb to temptation and the inevitable weight gain.
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