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Celebrity Diet Tips Secrets and Effective Diet Drinks

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 12, 2010

Celebrity Diet Tips

A celebrity diet in the recent past has come to indicate the type of diets that can help you achieve extreme thinness in a short span of time and for men a celebrity diet has come to indicate a diet that increases one’s abdominal, chest, and arm muscles. These diets can sometimes be subject to abuses. The fact is that any crash diet that tries to change the way you eat in a matter of a few weeks is taxing on your body and can have some nasty side effects on your other body systems like the heart and reproductive systems.

Any diet to lose weight or muscle mass should be done over a period of time. It is also important to understand why you wish to suddenly go on one of these diets as well.

This is something that is deeply psychological and if the reasons for this lie in some kind of warped sense of self-esteem, then a crash diet is a one way ticket on the suicide train. Remember that most celebrities, irrespective of how they look now, eventually fall into a space where they do look like the average Joe and Jane.

Losing weight quickly is not something that is absolutely impossible but depends on where exactly your weight is placed.

If you have a low amount of body fat and your weight is due to muscle mass, then losing this weight is a matter of just reducing the amount of activity you indulge in, atrophying the muscles, and then starting cardiovascular exercise. If your weight is mostly fat, then the best way to lose weight is to go on the Atkin’s ketogenic diet.

This requires that you only ingest proteins like eggs, milk, meat, and salads.

This will cause your body to start burning fat for your daily energy needs. Once fat is lost from the body, you can then start eating normally again but this should then be accompanied with muscle toning exercises.

Men usually aim to get muscle mass and this can be done after losing weight by having lots of animal protein from red and white meat, eggs, and dairy.

A facilitator of muscle production is testosterone, the male hormone, which will naturally increase when you do vigorous weight training. Maintaining cholesterol and mineral levels is crucial when you lose weight and this is best done by eating a plant diet and taking supplements.

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