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Trim Your Body Fats

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 11, 2010

Cut Your Body Fat Percentage Smartly

Trimming the body is a matter of changing one’s diet and also of maintaining the right amount of muscle and fat – in other words the correct type of exercise. Most people looking at trimming their bodies are usually those who are on the heavier side of the spectrum. Take heart in the fact that it is actually easier to lose weight and get into shape than it is to gain it. Whether you are looking at gaining or losing weight, it is important to understand that the right type of diet is one in which you get complete nutrition and not one of those crash diets that only require that you ingest proteins.

This type of diets cause more harm than good to the body by cutting out essential nutrients that we need to stay alive and also causing the body to shift to breaking down protein as a source of energy.

This is something that the body cannot do efficiently.

The first step to losing weight is to revert to a diet that the human digestive system is the most at ease with – a vegetarian one. The only form of meat that you should have is fish.

Chicken is a good source of meat as well but if you like your chicken fried, this becomes a problem. A good vegetarian diet starts with breakfast cereal and milk. This should replace your standard breakfast of eggs and bacon and fat.

Lunch should consist of whole wheat bread and some kind of salad.

This can be followed up by a milk shake or juice. Dinner can consist of soy or fish to get your daily dose of protein.

To provide for your carbohydrate needs, you should indulge in whole wheat bread or rice.
Exercise with a restricted diet should consist of only cardiovascular exercise. This is exercise that is not strenuous and is exercise that you can do for a long time like jogging, walking, and swimming.

This kind of a diet allows for one day of pre-diet indulgences though in moderation. This kind of a diet will also ensure that you are not devoid of vitamins and essential nutrients either. At some point of time, you will have to increase the amount of fat in your diet and this should be done through foods like cheese rather than through nutritionally worse off butter. This sort of a diet will start to show its benefits with the first month.

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