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Diet For Hyperacidity Cures

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 9, 2010

Treatment For Hyperacidity Troubles And Foods For Acidity

When you eat, your food is processed for assimilation of the nutrients to the body, which is facilitated by the process of digestion. Digestion is a process in which food is subjected to churning movements in the stomach and intestines in the acidic and alkaline environment of the digestive tract. The acidic contents of the stomach acts as a catalyst that stimulates the enzymes in the stomach like pepsin and trypsin. The food then moves to the intestine where the basic content of the liver activates the enzymes like rennin and chymotrypsin.

When the food enters the initial part of the digestive tract, that is the esophagus, the stomach prepares itself for the impending digestion process by secreting hydrochloric acid so as to activate the enzymes in stomach. This hydrochloric acid is the chemical agent that leads to what is called acidity.

A chronic state of excessive hydrochloric acid in the stomach is referred to as hyperacidity.

Also called acid dyspepsia, hyperacidity is a common dietary disorder. Hyperacidity occurs when the stomach secretes the acid for digestion, but there is no food in the stomach to be acted upon. As such, the acid accumulates in the stomach, thereby causing what is referred to as hyperacidity.

Some of the common causes of hyperacidity are stomach ulcers, acid reflux disease, and stomach cancer.

Hyperacidity may be alleviated by certain dietary regulations.

The specifics of a diet for hyperacidity are:
  • You are recommended not to consume caffeinated drinks like coffee. Coffee works as an appetizer that prepares your stomach for the process of digestion by stimulating the stomach cells to secrete hydrochloric acid. As such, you must restrict the intake of coffee.
  • You must not consume foods that are oily and spicy.

    You are recommended to keep a check on your salt intake as well.
  • You must not consume sour foods like lemon or orange. This is because sour foods are already acidic which may aggravate the state of hyperacidity.
  • You must make sure that your food is always properly cooked.
  • You must not consume meat and beef as these foods overexert the stomach, thereby deteriorating the state of hyperacidic stomach. 
  • You must include a lot of green vegetable like celery, lettuce and spinach in your daily diet. You must also eat fruits like water melon, banana and apple.
  • You must limit the consumption of alcohol.
  • Do consult a doctor if the symptoms show no sign of abating.

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