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Cows Milk or Soymilk: Which is a Better Choice?

Submitted by Sharon Hopkins on June 29, 2007

Depending on your life style and diet cows milk and or soymilk can benefit you greatly. Each one offers its own nutritional value. If you are allergic to dairy products then it’s best to use soymilk. Or perhaps you are lactose intolerant which is why it is also better to use soymilk as your alternative. Or perhaps you are lacking calcium in your diet; cows milk is a great source for that vitamin intake.

Cows milk is a great source of vitamin D and can be offered in fat free, low fat and 1% as well as 2%. Both are vastly different in many ways and each one contains its own vitamin enrich essentials. Some might ask which is the better choice?

If you suffer from a food allergy where you can not have dairy products then cows milk is not right for you. Your best bet is to have soymilk. Soymilk contains soy proteins, which are beneficial to you.

By drinking soymilk it can help you maintain healthy bones, it reduces cholesterol, and any saturated fats. Soymilk contains omega 3 fatty acids, B-vitamins, fiber, iron, and calcium. Soymilk is a wonder source for alternatives in eating and drinking dairy products.

Its healthy, it has a high fiber content which is great for the digestive tract and it comes in many forms from cheese, beans, ice cream, meats, and of course soymilk.

If you are not one for soymilk or soy products or you have a soy food allergy or maybe the taste of soy makes you cringe then perhaps cows milk is your choice and best bet to have. Cows milk is one the most natural resources we have today. It’s one of the healthiest choices to have and intake for any diet. Cows milk contains important vitamins such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin D. Cows milk helps create and maintain strong bones and teeth as well keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Many have used cows milk not just for drinking but for beauty products as well. Cows milk is also the main source for cooking recipes and baking recipes as well. Milk can benefit you greatly by having at least 3 glasses a day.

Both cows milk and soymilk can benefit you greatly. As each one has its own beneficial sources. Depending on your life style and diet. You can benefit from both or individually. Each one contains its own vitamins, minerals and health benefits. Soymilk is great for lactose intolerant persons as well as those who are vegetarians. Cows milk is great for those who have soy food allergies or those who don’t have enough calcium in their body. Either way both are good for you and both provide essential vitamins and minerals for your body.

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