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Build Your Bones with Calcium

Submitted by Serena Mason on December 11, 2009

The fact that calcium builds bones and body has been drilled into our heads since we were children. The link between calcium and the prevention of osteoporosis is very well known. As kids, our mothers have encouraged us to drink all that milk for healthy bones. It’s time we took a closer look at the benefits of calcium. The first thing we need to understand is that calcium is one mineral which is actually the most abundantly found mineral we have in our bodies.

The link between calcium and building bones becomes clearer when we appreciate the fact that our teeth and bones contain almost the entire amount of that calcium (that is, roughly 99 per cent).

The rest of our body’s calcium goes to other parts like body tissues as well as body fluids. When we say that calcium builds our body it’s because it’s responsible for our growth as well as maintenance.

Prevention of the problem of bones known as osteoporosis necessitates proper intake of calcium not just over a short period but all through one’s life. Such a precaution is imperative, especially for women who tend to be more susceptible to osteoporosis. It has its other uses such as its role in nerve signaling in addition to certain hormonal releases.


We all know that milk is one of the greatest ways to get the calcium we need. Dairy products also offer us a way to get that calcium incorporated in our diets. Weigh the pros and cons before loading up on cheese and butter.

For instance, if you are already battling fats, you might want to try other ways of getting calcium. Yogurt is good as a source of this mineral and it has other benefits like helping with digestion and combating various infections. Thus, live-culture yogurt (check the label) is what you should stock up on. It can make a tasty treat or dessert if combined with interesting toppings like blueberries.

When it comes to calcium, remember that you’ll need foods that abound in this mineral as well as food and drink to help you absorb and utilize the calcium you do consume. For this reason again milk comes to the rescue. Phosphorous and magnesium are two more reasons for you to consume milk. If you want to truly benefit from calcium, then you will need adequate amounts of vitamin D. You can check your local stores to find milk brands that come specially fortified with this vitamin.

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