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Why Do Fat People Feel Hungrier Than Others?

There has always been a need by fat people to lose weight. The constant barrage of low fat diets and fad diets that emerge year in and year out may work for some but some fat people, no matter how hard they try, cannot seem to lose the weight that they want to lose. With the availability of flavor rich foods that are usually high calorie foods as well, the effort to lose weight becomes an even harder thing to achieve. Why do fat people find it hard to lose weight?
Why do they constantly feel hungrier more often than most other people of normal weight?

Scientific research has proven that the production of a hormone called leptin has a bearing on a person's eating habits. This research which involves experiments on fat and thin rats seemed to show that the leptin that is stored in the adipose fat of a body transmits a message to the brain that tells it to stop food cravings and appetites. The amount of leptin in a fat person's body is said to have adjusted itself significantly to tell the brain that the body can still take in more food. This acclimatization of the human body to the increased fat that it has accumulated explains why fat people often feel hunger a whole lot more than people who are thinner.

The discovery of the role leptin plays in the constant hunger that plagues fat people has led to the realization that there is indeed no easy way to lose weight other than to sweat things out and to adjust the amount of high calorie foods one ingests. Some low fat diets, like the Pritkin diet, have been proven to be effective for some obesity sufferers. The Pritkin diet promotes a return to the natural way of living where you eat non-processed food like fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, potatoes and seafood. This diet also promotes the need for the body to be active or engage in some form of exercise to help it lose weight and to slowly return to the healthy state it should be in. The exercise that is recommended by the Pritkin diet involves cardiovascular exercise and aerobic exercise along with a little weight training. If people who wish to lose weight try to ignore their hunger cravings and try to adapt to the healthy lifestyle that the Pritkins diet promotes, their obesity and fat problems will soon cease to exist.

Submitted on January 16, 2014