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Juices for Migraine and Mucous Membranes

Migraine is a kind of headache, which is common in many individuals. Migraine headache is painful and debilitating, thereby affecting the regular activities. Flashes of light, tingling in the legs and blind spots are some of the typical migraine symptoms. Migraine pain is related to pain in a particular area of the head. Temporary loss of sight and appearance of zigzag lines are some more symptoms.

Juice therapy is a part of migraine remedy.

Orange juice is also equally effective against migraine attack. Vitamin C acts as a vasoconstrictor, thereby reducing the flow of blood. This in turn decreases the risk of headache. About two ounces of celery juice, made from a bunch of celery also proves beneficial. Ripe grapes are effective in the treatment of migraine. Make a juice of ripe grapes and drink, without any dilution. Vegetable juice is also helpful against migraine. Carrot juice, beet juice, cucumber juice and spinach juice are the most beneficial in migraine therapy. About hundred ml of beet juice and three hundred ml of carrot juice is an excellent cocktail for migraine. A combination of three hundred ml of carrot juice and two hundred ml of spinach juice also provides relief from a migraine stroke.

Migraine treatment involves the use of certain medications and lifestyle modifications. Butalbital, ergots, triptans, anti nausea medications, opiates and non steroidal anti inflammatory medications are some of the migraine medication for treatment.
Migraine diet comprises of foods that do not trigger a migraine attack. Foods with monosodium glutamate, caffeine, chocolate, aged cheese, sulfites and dried fruits are the foods to be avoided. Beer, aspartame, fatty foods, hot dogs and ice cream are certain other foods that are not considered.

Mucus membrane is the layer which outlines the body cavities and comprises of an involuntary muscle fiber layer. The mucus membrane helps in the processes of secretion and absorption and the membrane secretes the fluid, mucus. Carrot juice comprises of vitamin A that aids in a healthy mucus membrane. The mucus membrane is elastic and flexible. Carrot, cucumber, beet juice and other vegetable juice enhance the normal functioning of the mucous membrane. Vegetable juices help in the rejuvenation of the mucous membrane. Radish juice, with equal proportion of carrot juice proves beneficial for the mucous membrane. About two to three quarts of vegetable juice, on a daily basis proves effective in the regeneration of the mucus membrane.

A nervous contraction of the blood vessels in the brain can be caused by worry or by an allergy. Often the reason cannot be ascertained. The juice most in favor is fennel 12 fl oz (350ml).

Dry mucous membranes are prone to infection so you need regular sup¬plies of essential nutrients to maintain them in good order.

These are found in any two of the following:

Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); apple 8 fl oz (225ml).
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); pineapple 8 fl oz (225ml).
Carrot 5 fl oz (l50ml); beetroot 6 fl oz (l75ml); cucumber 5 fl oz
Horseradish (grated 2oz or 50g); lemon juice 1 fl oz (25ml); water 10 fl oz (275ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014