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GM Diet And Migrane Headache

A headache can be anything but a headache and a migraine accompanying it is one where no remedy works and you have to let the headache ride it out.  A headache is a one-time thing while a migraine headache is a recurrent headache. A migraine headache is described as a pounding and a throbbing headache. These attacks activate the nervous system in the body. This increased nervous activity leads to an increase in other responses including nausea and vomiting and even the inability to retain medication too. Diarrhea, sensitivity to light, cold hands and feet are all indications and symptoms of a migraine attack.
An attack can last from 4 to 74 hours, depending on the health of the person suffering from that attack. Irritability, fatigue, depression and euphoria are also documented symptoms of migraine headaches.

A migraine headache can be triggered by any number of things. For most people, the triggers tend to be extreme behaviors. Common environmental triggers include extreme stress, weather, changes in sleeping patterns, exertion, change in medications and other factors. Even certain foods can cause migraines in some people. These foods include cheese, chocolate, fermented food, spicy food, aspartame, monosodium glutamate or MSG. lack of sleep could also+ cause migraines. The important thing is to recognize the triggers and ensure that those factors are not continually repeated in your life.

One of the causes of a migraine headache has been the General Motors Diet or the GM Diet. A GM diet and migraine are related. A headache, especially a migraine headache is one of the documents after effects of the diet. The GM diet involves eating specific foods in specific days, for seven days. It is typically considered an impractical diet though it is known to have great results on weight loss.

Starving yourself in this diet can result in triggering migraines. It has happened often enough to be documented as one of the side effects of the GM diet and is even called the GM Diet headache.

The GM diet has other harmful effects as well. The headaches in a GM diet are not debilitating but are pretty much expected from day 2 of the diet. Nutrition is severely limited as calories are more important. General opinion of nutritionists is that the weight loss that you see from a diet like the GM diet is usually water loss. It is estimated that once you go back to regular eating, you put on some of the weight you lost.
Submitted on May 4, 2011