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Body pain due to stress and depression:

Please suggest remedy for body pain, body weakness, cough & fever along with diet to be taken during such conditions.

Body pain along with fatigue can occur due to the presence of certain viruses. Sometimes body pain can also occur due to depression, worry or stress. Fatigue and body pain may continue even after the person is recovered from cough, cold and fever. This is due to the response of our immune system to the illness. Thus certain guidelines that can be useful for reducing body pain are:

  1. Have a balanced meal so that the body can get energy to alleviate the pain.
    Have all the nutrients properly without missing out any one of the nutrients. Have all types of food consisting of cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid postures that can cause the pain as well as fatigue. Avoid bending for longer period of time; work area should be at the level which is comfortable for you without too much of stooping or stretching.
  3. Take adequate rest. Place hot water bag on the area where there is body pain.
  4. Consult the doctor if the pain is still present and is unbearable.

Body weakness can be considered as a symptom rather than a condition. Weakness can be muscular weakness of a body part or general weakness of the entire body. Weakness can occur due to fatigue, fever, virus, blood loss, heart attack, certain conditions like pregnancy and lactation, anemia, stressful lifestyle, over exertion and hypothyroidism. Any type of weakness is dangerous and requires instant advice from the doctor.

Certain guidelines that can be useful for weakness are:-

  1. Adequate rest is essential especially if the person is recovering from fever or viral infection in order to avoid relapse.
  2. Your body should receive regular meals so that the body can become strong and healthy. Have ample amount of water to avoid dehydration which can also lead to weakness. Heavy breakfast with good quantity of cereals, milk and fruits are necessary. Take your lunch regularly. Have salads and sprouts with the meals that can provide variety and bulk to the diet. Drink water or fruit juices to quench your thirst. Have dinner 2 hours before going to bed so that the food is properly digested. Have frequent meals so that the body is not starved or left hungry for longer period of time.

Fever can occur due to viral infection and may also be accompanied by other diseases. If there is continuous fever for longer period of time it is essential to check the temperature of the body regularly. Cough is a forceful liberation of air from the lungs. It is considered as dangerous if it is accompanied with fever, infection, chest pain and blood. There are certain remedies that can provide relief from fever and cough.

  1. Add turmeric powder and black pepper powder to a glass of hot milk. This can provide relief from fever and cough.
  2. Mix honey and lemon grass juice in equal amounts to reduce cough.
  3. Drink a lot of warm water and fluids to break the fever. Avoid too much of protein foods
  4. Blanch thyme leaves in water and inhale the steam that is formed to reduce the cough.
  5. Avoid exposure to sun, over exertion and cold.
Submitted on January 16, 2014