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Home made foods are safe with no artificial colors:

How can I lose weight by eating home made food?

Home made foods are preferable for losing weight. When we say home made foods, it is foods that are prepared at home considering the family likes, way of cooking and culture. You are already accustomed to the consumption of foods prepared in your home. Hence the acceptability factor becomes high with homemade foods. For losing weight, you need to just bring certain changes in your food that you consume at home.

Thus you don’t need to prepare a separate menu. Home made foods are generally safe with no artificial colors or flavors and minimum reheating. You can keep a note on how much oil or salt has been added to the food. Thus restriction or addition of any ingredient while preparing food is in your hands.

Outside foods or foods prepared in hotels tend to be very spicy and oily. You cannot keep a track on amount of oil or salt added to foods. Foods prepared in restaurants are reheated several times which is not safe. This can lead to loss of nutrients as well as there may be formation of toxins and free radicals.  

Weight loss is a necessity for those who are obese and over weight. Weight loss can help you prevent onset of various disorders like heart problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and problems of the hormones. Weight loss is a gradual process as your body takes time to adjust to the changes in the dietary pattern. However crash diets, fad diets or starvation is not a solution. These diets can be dangerous and very difficult to follow. Changes in your everyday dietary pattern are enough for losing weight. 

Certain guidelines to be considered for losing weight are:

  • Have seasonal fruits and vegetables. Prepare salads i.e. green salads or sprouted salads with the meals. Have fruits daily after the meals in the form of fruit salads or fruit juices. You can also prepare milkshakes with fruits using skimmed milk and seasonal fruits. Avoid the intake of banana and mangoes.
  • Have whole wheat bread or bran bread rather than white bread. Prepare sandwiches with wheat bread and fresh vegetables added.
  • Consume vegetable oils, lean meat and skimmed milk. You can have Lean meat preparation during lunch or dinner. Avoid butter, whole milk and red meat as these foods are high in saturated fats.
  • Prepare soups without the addition of cream. You can prepare vegetable clear soup, tomato soup or spouted pulse soup.
  • Prepare porridge using skimmed milk and various whole grain cereals. You can add sugar in moderation. 
  • Pulse and cereal combination is necessary as this combination can improve the protein quality of the diet.
  • You can have egg white. Prepare omelet with egg white and vegetables or egg white may be used for the preparation of pies and desserts. Avoid intake of egg yolk.
  • Prefer baking, broiling or steaming of foods rather than frying the foods.
Submitted on January 16, 2014