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Lose Weight for Wedding 


Wedding is a particular aspect in life that helps in providing a lot of motivation. Good health and a healthy weight is a constant effort prior to marriage. Many wedding weight loss plan and efforts for the same reach the lowest ebb after marriage. It is particularly necessary after marriage for all the care an individual has for their loved ones. Eat a balanced diet, of foods from all the food groups to assure bridal weight loss.

Irregular eating habits results in excessive calorie breakdown, thereby resulting in weight gain, instead of weight loss.

Read the labels to ensure the nutrient content of all foods. Many foods contain trans fats, sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol in very high amounts. Many people fail to read the labels, prior to purchase. The choice between effective purchase and imperfect food choice is a thin line. A breakfast with high proteins, such as eggs tends to decrease the appetite, thereby resulting in a healthy weight loss. Vegetables and fruits are helpful. They provide a lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phyto nutrients in adequate amounts. They help in hydration of the body and provide complex carbohydrates. The fiber in fruits and vegetables help in relieving complications, such as constipation. It increases the feeling of fullness, thereby decreases the appetite.

Energy expenditure increases with the consumption of water. About thirty percent of more calories are burnt by the intake of water. Remind yourself to drink water constantly as a part of your wedding weight loss program. Constant shuffling between diets is not recommended. If the individual is at a high risk for weight gain, care is essential.

Intake of foods with a low glycaemic index proves beneficial as a step in the weight loss for wedding plan. Weight gain associated with the consumption of high G.I glycaemic index foods is high. A healthy pre wedding diet involves foods that are of low glycaemic index. This helps a long way. A food diary helps in keeping a track of the intake, though it is difficult in the initial stages. Review on an every day basis, helps in keeping a track of unnecessary foods. The lag in nutrients or water intake is easily identified.

Regular exercise is important for good health. Weight training and cardio exercises prove effective, when done in combination. Opt for the help of a trainer for professional help. A number of online solutions are available. Check out for them! A colon wash helps in elimination of toxins and other related waste.

Submitted on October 18, 2013