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  • Symptoms of Typhoid - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
    Symptoms Of TyphoidTyphoid is an infection caused by the Salmonella Typhi bacterium. The incubation time for typhoid fever is usually one to two weeks. If the fever is not treated in time, it takes about four weeks for the typhoid symptoms to fully develop with new symptoms seen almost every[...]

  • Diet Chart, Plan and Recovery Time for Typhoid Patients
    Typhoid Diet Typhoid and jaundice, both these conditions take some time to recover. So be patient and follow the medications prescribed by your specialist. Along with those follow these diet tips for faster recovery –Usually a patient suffering from jaundice and typhoid has a low appetite and feels nauseous[...]

  • Hair Fall Home Cures
    Reasons for hair loss are heredity, hormonal imbalance, faulty nutrition, underlying illness, improper hair care leading to dandruff and dirt.[...]

  • Treatment for Diarrhea is to hydration the child with plenty of fluids
    Treatment for Diarrhea in children: Recent treatment in pediatric diarrhea[...]

  • Foods Avoided For Jaundice | Jaundice Diet | Treatment For Jaundice
    Foods Avoided For Jaundice - Get diet plan for Jaundice patients and provide them with information and knowledge about effective diet for jaundice[...]

  • Home Remedies: Treatment for Hair Fall | Causes | Solutions | Cure
    Home Remedies for Hair Fall Hair loss is a very common problem that is characterized by the thinning or falling of one’s hair. Loss of hair can be accounted for by a large number of factors, some of which include; stress and anxiety, improper diet, genetic factors, pollution, hormonal[...]

  • Drinking Water Treatment Tips for Purification
    Health Hazards Of Drinking Tap Water - Water Purification TipsOrigin of drinking water: Drinking water is obtained from either groundwater (wells, bore wells, aquifers or pockets of water in porous rocks under the land) or surface water (such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs). Public water systems usually get their water from[...]

  • Juices for Hair Loss and Hangover Treatment
    Hair Loss This is often an inherited condition about which nothing much can be done. None the less a daily rub of the scalp with nettle juice is said to help as is: Spinach 10 II oz (275ml); lettuce 10 II oz (275ml) Consumed daily for at least 6 months[...]

  • Curd Health and Treatments for Jaundice
    Curd for Jaundice and Jaundice Prevention Jaundice is a liver disease, which brings to our mind, 'yellow eyes and yellow skin'. Disturbance in the functioning of the liver is seen to occur, as a result of deposition of excessive bile pigments. Gall stones and liver irritation result in jaundice. Other[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Jaundice
    Jaundice Information, FactsJaundice is the most common of all liver disorders. It is a condition in which yellow discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes occurs due to an increase in the bile, pigment bilirubin, in the blood. The bile, produced by the liver, is a vital digestive fluid, which[...]

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