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Great Diet Tips

  1. Each and every meal should be eaten slowly. Take smaller bites and chew for a long period. Pause between each section of meal.
  2. When you have finished your first portion but are still hungry, then wait for at-least 15 minutes to see whether you are really hungry. In majority of the cases your appetite is satisfied.
  3. Restrict your eating to one main dining area. You will notice that your snacking-tendencies during the day have reduced.
  4. As soon as you have finished with your eating, leave the area and room, which may tempt you to eat further.
  5. Serving dishes should not be left on the table during the meal as it may create a tendency to take second or third helpings.
  6. Never eat while reading or watching T.V.
    as you may end up eating more than required. And never go to the market on an empty stomach as you may buy snack foods.
  7. Baking, boiling, broiling or steaming is the best technique to prepare foods. Fried foods retain a large percentage of fat even if the excess fat is drained away.
  8. Holiday season is not the right time to start a weight reduction program.
  9. All visible fat from meat and poultry should be removed before eating.
  10. Hot-food as soups require a lot of chewing and will leave you with a greater feeling of satisfaction.
  11. Before you start the main course, eat salad greens and vegetables as this will subside your hunger for poultry, calorie meat and fish portions. Restaurant – Dip your fork in salad dressing only after 3-4 mouthfuls of salad.
  12. Caloric fat that you consume can be reduced by cooking in Teflon coated pans and non-fat edible spray-on coatings.
  13. Alcohol – In any diet program excessive alcohol is one of the most serious hazards. Substitute club soda with mineral water or a twist of lemon drinks.

Submitted on January 16, 2014