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A Easy Weight Loss Tip

An easy way to determine the calories to be consumed to maintain your current weight is to multiply your current weight by 12. For example if you weigh 120 pounds, multiply that by 12, which is equal to 1,440 calories. It is the number of calories a day that you should consume to maintain 120 pounds weight.

One easy way to lose weight is to reduce your caloric intake by 300 calories per day. And simultaneously increase your activity level by 200 calories per day. Therefore you are losing total of 500 calories per day. One pound of weight is equal to 3,500 calories and so you will be able to lose one pound of weight every week without much effort.

You can even lose weight without increasing your activity level simply by reducing your daily intake by 500 calories (7 days x 500 calories reduced from diet = 3,500 calories or 1 pound weight loss).

Simple weight loss tips

Weight loss is viewed as the body’s reduction in size and weight.

When a person loses weight, it is predominately a loss of body fat. Weight loss is important for several reasons: to stay healthy, improve one’s personality, or even fight disease. However, it is crucial for one to adopt healthy methods of weight loss. The weight loss regime should ensure that the body retains adequate nutrients. Failure to ensure this can have adverse effects on your system and thus cause further damage.

The first and most common weight loss method is ‘dieting’. Dieting requires one to adopt consumption of foods that help reduce weight. The second method for weight loss is ‘exercise’. Daily exercise helps in not only shedding calories but also the carbohydrates that eventually turn in to fat. However, most weight loss experts will confirm that a combination of both a healthy diet and exercise in adequate proportions offers the best results. There are several easy weight loss tips and suggestions that you can incorporate in your daily schedule to help you lose weight.


Here are some easy weight loss tips that will help:

•   Before beginning any weight loss regime, it is important to visit a doctor for a routine health check-up. This will assist in determining the kind of diet and exercise regime best suited for you. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with additional easy weight loss tips and advice.
•   The most simple weight loss tip and possibly the most important to remember is always focus on the word ‘Quantity’. Quantity in a weight loss regime should not require you to sacrifice food at great lengths. The trick here is to properly understand the calorie content in each food item and accordingly have them in a safe quantity.
•   It helps to maintain a food journal and an exercise planner log.  Make a note of what and how much you eat every day. Also keep track of the amount of time spent exercising and the exercises you did on that day. This will serve to distinguish what helps you and what produces contrary results. Also, keep track of your daily progress. Simple weight loss tips like this one will actually go a long way in helping you to stick to a healthy diet.
•   Make sure you get adequate rest. Weight reduction results in an increase in your body’s energy and nutrients usage as it undergoes constant changes in body proportion. Thus, your body requires sufficient rest.
•   And lastly, given today’s hectic schedules, it is imperative to have a nutritious breakfast as this meal provides energy to your body through the day. Also, avoid skipping meals as this will result in binging later and disrupts your daily diet intake. Make sure you have meals at specific times or have a quick healthy snack, like an apple, in case you may skip your usual meal.

Submitted on December 16, 2015